Redskins Weekly — Offseason Discussion Points

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1- I am really tired of the debate over the Redskins name.

The sad part is I can understand the argument both sides are making on it.  I think the Redskins and mainly Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen have done a horrific job defending the use of the name.  But we could talk about that for days and I don’t want to.

The biggest problem I have is when individuals use the argument for political gain and the latest has to do with the future home of a new Redskins stadium which everyone salivates over.  Well, not everyone I guess as the Interior Secretary says she would block any move back to DC.  I used to hope that DC would once again be the home…but now they can go stick it.  If they want to be that stupid then Snyder should go to Virginia or a new spot in Maryland.  I would understand either destination if DC wants to fail on this after the success of Nationals Park.  That is all I got on this continual frustrating topic.

2- I see that former Eagle Evan Mathis is still out there and looking.  I figured with a lot of teams sitting on cap room he would have been snatched up fast.

When he was finally cut in Philly I was not interested in bringing him due what I figured it would take.  But now I may have changed my thoughts.  This team has a huge hole at one of the guard spots and you could argue both depending your thoughts on Lauvao.  The longer he sits you have to think he could having to eventually take a short or even one year deal.  I think it is something that McCloughan should be monitoring.  The old Redskins would have jumped at a chance once he was cut to sign a former Eagles pro bowler to a big deal like DeSean or Jeremiah Trotter.  It’s not a must sign or add but I think it would help a questionable line.

3- Thank god Scot McCloughan stepped up and signed 49ers corner Chris Culliver this off season.

Mainly because we needed help all over the secondary and now I have concerns about the future of DeAngelo Hall.  Hall hopes to be ready for the start of camp but it is not a sure thing.  If Hall isn’t able to go and Culliver wasn’t signed we would have been putting everything once again on Amerson and Breeland which worries me.

Culliver seems to have caught the eye of the guys who covered the team during off season camps and that was a relief.  Although no one makes pro bowls based on minicamp play.  But Amerson was bad last season and everyone raved about Breeland and I wasn’t as high on him.  I like what I saw from a rookie 4th rounder a lot but not sold on him yet as a number one or two corner.  I pray he proves me wrong.  But I know Culliver is at least a solid two.  And looking back I think, actually I know, I would rather have Culliver than Byron Maxwell at twice the dollars.



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