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More and more I get concerned that Kirk Cousins is done getting chances with the Redskins.  The off season started looking like Cousins would get a shot at the starting job once camp started but that seems to have changed.  Now he is in a battle but for the backup job.  This would be crazy if this is the case.

And whoever is deciding this needs to wake up and watched film from the past two seasons.  If it’s from the top then it’s the same old Redskins and we have to be concerned nothing has changed even with the excitement of the McCloughan hire.  If it is McCloughan then I am thinking he could be showing Snyder and Allen that he is willing to give Griffin one more chance but that would be it.  If it is Gruden than I have lost confidence in Gruden’s decisions since he needs to win and show improvement to most likely keep his job.

The team was at its best offensively when Cousins was behind center last season.  Not Griffin or McCoy.  Cousins threw picks but he was the only quarterback I had confidence in who could move the offense more than 50 yards in any possession.  And I think way too much was made out of Cousin’s demeanor when he struggled.  He wasn’t getting sacked five times a game like the guy who has been giving the starting job once again.  Cousins stayed upright and got rid of the ball and kept this team in manageable third down situations.

As for McCoy who seems he could be the one for Gruden, why did they need to bring him back?  It just makes this more of a mess than gives them a better chance to win.  This team should have this upcoming to decide if Griffin or Cousins is a quarterback of the future.  Sad part is that I am sure Cousins will become some ones future quarterback and have success.

So it is set.  Griffin is number one and Cousins and McCoy will battle for number two.  So the next question is are these spots set in stone through August?  They can’t be especially if we have another showing like the Baltimore preseason game of 2014.  A change should have been made then and I have doubts it would be done this summer if the same happens.

I am not ready to throw Robert Griffin out and I hope he can get back some of the magic of his rookie season.  But based on what I saw of him working with the current coach last season, as a realist I have many doubts.  So Cousins should still be an option here.  Sooner than later.  Maybe I come off as a negative fan but I think this team has major questions at the two most important spots.  Head coach and quarterback.  And you may be able to get by being weak at one but not both and win anything.  We saw that last season.  I just hope the team is open to all options.


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