Reasons for Optimism at this point in Redskins’ Offseason

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A few weeks ago I picked another losing season for this Redskins bunch and I still believe that, but here are some points of optimism I have a few months before real training camp begins.

1- I think a lot of people in football liked Chris Forrester and I guess so did the Niners because he is back there.  But I hope that the addition of Bill Callahan to the staff can help improve this offensive line.

I think it will and hopefully now they have a high draft pick that can play from day one.  Something pre-Scot had been an issue.  The Allen and Shanahan lineman need to be coached up before we consider them busts and hopefully Callahan can do that.   We do have an issue getting suckered into moves like these by the Redskins PR but I believe Callahan is a big upgrade.

2- Here we go on Griffin.

This is his last shot here and another bad run on the field and with his reputation could be the end.  Have you seen him lately in any Subway or Adidas commercials?  I haven’t and maybe this gets his attention on football and doing what he needs to do to succeed.  And it seems he is playing the game he needs to play in the offseason unlike the past few years.

It may not matter because Gruden may have Griffin on such a short string he could end after just a couple preseason games.  But it is time to put up or shut up for Griffin because they have brought guys in for him to prevail so that can’t be an excuse.  Any the positive side if he does fail I don’t think it will be a season long decision, it will be fast and probably a quick and final move to Cousins or McCoy.

3- I am still not sold on the secondary but you have to give McCloughan credit for bringing in more quantity of players who can on Sunday.

Maybe he didn’t get Revis and McCourtey but they added a few guys who can help.  Chris Culliver for one should and better be their best corner for the next few years.  As I said before I am pumping the brakes on Breeland a bit unlike some who have him at Darrell Green level.  This move also puts David Amerson on notice and the good news is he has a history of bad season then good season so expect him in Hawaii if they still play there.  Joking but him moving to a 3rd or if D Hall can recover 4th guy really adds depth.

As for safety I never thought Dashon Goldson would play up the Bucs contract and he didn’t so he is here.  Like Amerson he is now in a show-me situation in his career.  I didn’t know much about Jeron Johnson when he signed but he played in Seattle and in worst case he helps on special teams which we know is needed.

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