Predicting the Redskins’ 2015 Record

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Redskins 2015 schedule predictions.  95% chance it plays out way different than below!

Week 1 – Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins will be coming into the season looking to make the move to being a playoff team.  Money spent but still having a coach under fire.  Miami may be a better team but this is one of the winnable games.  Can they control Suh and Wake is the difference?  I think they pull this one out somehow.

Win 1-0

Week 2 – St. Louis Rams
Back to back home games to start.  The Rams seem to have the Skins number and it always seems like we meet them early on.  I can’t see this team starting 2-0 and since I picked a week one win you know what is next.  Foles and Fisher are good enough to win.
Loss 1-1

Week 3 – At New York Giants
Hopefully Chris Culliver can maintain Odell Beckham to under 150 yards unlike last year’s crew.  The losing streak to the Giants continues and questions on Griffin will start again with the team struggling to score points.

Loss 1-2

Week 4 – Philadelphia Eagles
Last year we ended the Eagles playoff chances.  One of two good points in 2014.  Two.  That is it.  I have no clue what to think of the Eagles team that will enter FedEx.  I am going to with a win for some reason though.

Win 2-2

Week 5 – At Atlanta Falcons
I want to hope we can beat the Falcons but they play well at home.  Even coming off a win versus the Eagles I think the momentum ends when Griffin, Cousins or McCoy can’t handle the pumped in crowd noise.

Loss 2-3

Week 6 – At New York Jets
I think even with QB issues as bad as the Redskins, the Jets will be improved this season.  Only hope is that the QB situation is worse and that it is Baylor vs Baylor at Met Life.  Still like the Jets D too much and Todd Bowles doesn’t play nice guy.

Loss 2-4

Week 7 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Most likely getting the bottom of the barrel announcers.  Just let Larry Michael and Aaron Hernandez in the TV booth.  Lovie could be a lost cause in Tampa but so could Gruden in DC.  Calling….

Win! 3-4

Week 8 – Bye- Catch up on the DeSean Jackson reality show

Week 9 – At New England Patriots
Last time they went up there they got blasted by the undefeated team.  Gonna be tough to win this one and can’t see it happening even if Brady cheats again and is busted for the season.

Loss 3-5

Week 10 – New Orleans Saints
Wish this was there so I could tear up Bourbon Street for the 13th time!  The Saints are always a wildcard.  Horrible last season but I could easily seeing them bouncing back.

Loss 3-6

Week 11 – At Carolina Panthers
Lose this one and now the Gruden seat gets hot.  The Griffin seat is probably history and time for Scot to get some of his young guys in there.  All these probably happen with another…

Loss 3-7

Week 12 – New York Giants
I think as the Skins slide the Giants will be in contention with the Cowboys and maybe the Eagles for the division.  I would love to say the Redskins get up for this game but it will remind me last year’s Thursday night debacle.  

Loss 3-8

Week 13 – Dallas Cowboys
They got to win again at some point.  And I am not sold on the Cowboys like most people are.  Greg Hardy will most likely be at FedEx.  So make your own ladies beware comments.  Calling upset!

Win 4-8

Week 14 – At Chicago Bears
I bet the Bears are much better this season with John Fox.  He seems like a coach that gets his teams in the mix.  Going above the mix is his downfall.  Cutler could destroy them but D Hall ain’t getting four picks.

Loss 4-9

Week 15 – Buffalo Bills
Like the Jets I am kinda buying into the Bills in 2015.  Their defense should give our QB mess trouble and good friend Shady McCoy returns to play us.

Loss 4-10

Week 16 – At Philadelphia Eagles
This could be another no playoffs opportunities on the line if the new look Eagles struggle with the Kelly roster.  But the Eagles will just be better than the Redskins as we get Michael and Hernandez in the booth again.  My bad!  It’s a night game.  Lights out at 8pm for Hernandez.

Loss 4-11

Week 17 –  At Dallas Cowboys
Probably just like the end of last season.  No more to say.

Loss 4-12



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