Washington Redskins Draft Day Thoughts

Washington Commanders Washington Redskins Draft

1- If the Redskins stay at the fifth spot they will absolutely have an opportunity to select someone who can step in immediately to help.

One of those reasons is obvious.  The talent is just not that great on this roster at spots where some of the projected talent will be available.  You know the names by now.  Williams, Fowler, Beasley, Cooper, White etc.  So I don’t think McCloughan could go wrong by selecting at the fifth spot.  Especially if Leonard Williams happens to be there.

2- What happens if Mariota or Williams is actually there at 5?

I would be shocked if it is Mariota does but we never know.  Williams shouldn’t make it to five but that is more likely to happen.  If Mariota is there then it gets interesting.  I won’t even go down the road of actually selecting him instead looking at the trade options.  Cleveland is looking to move up and has the best ammunition to do it with picks 12 and 19.  It would be hard for Scot to pass on this if it is an option.  The Browns do dumb things so it is very possible.  I think the main problem here may be the Raiders at four.  They might get the option of that trade also and accept.

3- As for the Eagles and Mariota if he is there at 5. VERY Doubtful based on rumors of the “do everything to trade with Titans”. But just for fun…

For the Redskins to trade with the Eagles I think it would take a lot.  The Eagles would have to give up their pick, probably their second and more including next year’s one.  Unless…they can unload Bradford to the dumb Browns for the 19th pick.  Then we are looking at two first rounders this year and probably something else.

The Eagles might be dangling their best defensive player, Fletcher Cox, in trades as well.  Why not add to the defensive line depth with a young pro bowler.  Could Kelly do this?  Why not.  He already traded his best player on the other side of the ball.  It gives Kelly his dream QB though which could be a risk.  But I think you have to be more concerned about making the REDSKINS better and not concerned about the Eagles.  Make the trade with the Eagles if it works Scotty!

4- Back to the scenario of getting 12 and 19 from the Browns.

I like this because it gives you three picks in the top 38.  Nothing that the Skins of the past would ever imagine.  Someone you had your eye on at five will be there at twelve.  Maybe Beasley slips or concerns of Randy Gregory are not there for Scot.  Scherff could be an option as well.  I am confident that an edge rusher or offensive lineman will be there at twelve that works.

Then at 19, grab the position you didn’t at 12.  Peat, Collins or a sliding Shane Ray.  Why I like this is because it gives you a chance to take more of a risk in round 2 or 3.  Risk isn’t always great but a guy like Green-Beckham could be there at 38.  I would be nervous about him but you could be looking at a dominating offensive talent in the end.  In the end this is all a low possibility of happening due to all the steps that would have to take place.  But just a thought.

5- Final Thoughts

a- Hopefully this weekend they can add someone who can return kicks and has experience.  Andre Roberts should never return another kick as a Redskin.
b- A running back will be drafted I am sure.  And my guess is as high as round four.  Morris is going into his contract season and we have seen with most backs that second contract is always a battle to get.
c- Free agency brought us defensive line and secondary help but not enough.  If these spots are options I would be happy to add them.
d- Sad but I can’t find a Vinny Cerrato mock draft online.



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