Redskins Weekly Thoughts – Schedule Release & Upcoming Draft

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1- The schedule release was the major news of the past week.

In the next week or so I will give my full win/loss breakdown of each game, which is way too early to call.  I think last year at this time I had like 10-6.  So take it for what that is worth.  Opening against Miami is fine with me and ending with Dallas could end up being a snoozer if we have nothing to play for.

The big thing is they still get three prime time games in the upcoming season.  All that means to me now is that there are way too many night games on the schedule which gives the Redskins spots.  Also, even if the Redskins are 2-6 or say 4-10, they always have topics for the announcers to discuss in a horrible matchup.  By week 16 versus Philly it wouldn’t be a shock if they could discuss Gruden’s impending firing and the rumors of Snyder talking to Saban or Jim Harbaugh for a whole half.

One guy they won’t get to miss is Dallas’ Greg Hardy even with his ten game suspension.  It looks like Dallas will wait out this suspension and keep Hardy, and it is out of their hands if he makes another costly mistake.  So he will have to be on his best behavior for now on.  Is Dez still using that babysitter by the way?  He did pretty well for him as long as the Walmart tape is BS.

2- With a lack of major player talent on the market, it looks like the Draft is going to be the next time we hear of any new player news.

Well, it is only a week away so let’s start getting ready for McCloughan’s baby!  This is why he is here and going to save us.  More and more by the day I like the spot the Redskins are in.  Just by process of elimination the fifth pick is starting to feel like they have the second pick.  Everyone is skeptical of drafting a quarterback at five if one drops so the continual news that Winston and Mariota should go 1-2 eliminates that.  It would hurt the trade down supporters some, but not completely.

Say those two do go 1-2, that leaves guys like Leonard Williams, Amari Cooper and Kevin White.  I think whichever ever of three are there at five are going to get interest from teams looking to trading up.   We know game changing potential receivers can bring good return in a trade like Julio Jones and Sammy Watkins did.

Leonard Williams if it wasn’t for the quarterback position should go number one overall so teams who couldn’t move up to one now could have the chance.  So McCloughan will be getting calls on whoever is there.

The key will be weighing passing on these talents compared to what he thinks he could get with picks acquired.  Now we know this team has many holes and more picks is a good start.  But passing on a potential franchise changer may not be worth it.  Especially since this team for once has all of its own picks this draft.  I think this is a very tough call to make and happy it is McCloughan’s.  But I have faith in whatever call he makes.



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