Top 11 Worst Redskins’ Draft Moves – Help Us Scot!

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Wanna know why the Redskins have been bad for twenty years?  Just check their draft history page on wikipedia.  Here are some of the embarrassing highlights in order of least to worst in my opinion.  Please help us Scot McCloughan!  I got 11 because I couldn’t cut to 10.

Note:  I eliminated the last three drafts from this including the Griffin trade.  Too easy.    operationpatience

11- 1995 the Skins had the 4th overall pick and took Norv Turner’s Michael Irvin in another Michael.  Westbrook.

He had like 3 or 4 moments but his attitude made Robert Griffin look like Kevin Hart.  Guys like Warren Sapp, Ty Law and Hugh Douglas were passed on for Baby Westbrook.  Mike’s most memorable moment may be his first MMA fight, a 10 second win over Stephen Davis.  Not the biggest mistake of the Norv era though.


10- Gibbs trading picks in his second go around crushed this roster.

We all love Coach Joe but President Joe wasn’t the same.  Gibbs tossed draft picks around to anyone listening.  TJ Duckett?  Give Atlanta a 3rd.  Move up for Jason Campbell, 3 picks to Denver.  The infamous 2nd added to the Portis/ Bailey trade.  Trading a 2nd to move up for Rocky McIntosh.  Not good.  This should be higher but will keep here in respect to the first Gibbs run.

9- Washington and Dallas traded on draft day last season and have before.  One very unfavorable trade was back in 1996 when the Redskins traded into the first to take Penn State tackle Andre Johnson.

Not Miami wideout Andre Johnson.  For those under 30 they probably are like, who?  Exactly, because he got his a$s cut in year two.  How does that happen?

8- Washington had a total of 7 picks between the 2003 and 2004 drafts.  Seven.  One full draft in two years.

What they did have though were a bunch of former Jets like Lav Coles and Chad Morton.  Positive was in 2004 they got both Sean Taylor and Chris Cooley which may be their draft shining moment of the last 20 years.  But the 2003 draft of a bunch of restricted free agents did not pay off.  Neither did one of Spurrier’s Gators, Taylor Jacobs, and their top pick in 2003.

7- The didn’t lack picks in 2002 though.  They actually traded back a bunch of times in the first and ended up with 10 picks.

For those out there who are all about trading back and picking up more picks, this was a not solid evidence to back your belief.  Cerrato threw up all over himself for two days pretty much.  Spurrier didn’t want Patrick Ramsey so they took him.  Ladell Betts was decent and Rock Cartwright was a good 7th round find but the rest of the draft couldn’t beat the flag football teams I saw at Maryland.

6- This one is tough but probably should be higher also.  I like Ryan Kerrigan and he may be the Redskins best player.  But he isn’t the best player in the NFL, which may be JJ Watt.  Who the Redskins passed on to trade back in the first round so Jacksonville could grab Blaine Gabbert.    jjwatt

This is a franchise changing mistake by Shanahan and Allen.  They did get some picks but I would say none of them really made it worth passing on Watt.  Jarvis Jenkins and Roy Helu are gone for beginners.  Worse is that it looks like Watt may have stolen Kerrigan’s lady as well.

5- 2007 was a bad draft.  I guess you could almost say 20_ _ was a bad draft and be correct though.

First selection, Laron Landry.  Now if we were going for a Mr. Olympia team, great draft.  But we weren’t and we passed on Adrian Peterson and Darrelle Revis and Marshawn Lynch and Patrick Willis.  You back after fainting yet?  Next pick wasn’t until round 5, thanks President Gibbs and Vinny.  And that was Dallas Sartz.  Dallas Sartz.  Do the Redskins stores still have his jersey?  Did snag Carson Palmer‘s brother in that round though.  Quick break to check twitter and Laron’s latest steroid pic.

4- 2007 was bad.  2009 may be worse.  (Just laughing as I write this)

The first round pick was almost in Cincy after Vinny tried to trade two number one picks for Chad Johnson.  Somehow the Bengals passed.  Mike Brown gets an honorable mention for that horrid decision.  So they picked and we thought we had a solid pro bowler for many years to come in Brian Orakpo.  Orakpo was good and injuries did hurt him, and he is gone.

The rest of the draft makes Dallas Sartz look like Lawrence Taylor.  Kevin Barnes, who was a Terp, but was also a bad 3rd round pick. Glenn, Henson, Williams, and Mitchell.  Yes Marko Mitchell, the next Art Monk that never happened.  My blood pressure just went to a ridiculous level thinking about Vinny.

3- Heath Shuler.  Probably don’t need to add any more.

Bad pick by Norv who thought he had his Troy Aikman.  It would be a lot of people’s number one but QB’s don’t work out a lot.  Just see Ramsey or wait until preseason game #1.  At least they didn’t trade up for Shuler and that’s why I have it only at 3.

2- Desmond Howard. Another huge mistake at the top of a draft.

Problem is they did trade up for Howard by giving up another first rounder to move up.  The Skins actually were coming off a Super Bowl, had the 6th and 28th picks, the Posse still going strong and still made the trade and selection of Howard.  I think the Redskins would have still struggled in the post-Gibbs years but this didn’t help.  I have to say I was 18 and jumping for joy when they got Howard.  FYI- I was an idiot at 18.  For a few minutes in 1992, Gibbs and Casserly were also.

1- The worst of my time.  This one was so easy.  The 2008 draft has to go up there as one of the worst drafts of all time.

Top 20 of Vinny Cerrato's Worst Personnel Moves

Not the Redskins worst. The NFL, NBA, NHL, WWE, MLB, and a group of 3 year olds having a fantasy draft.  It’s the worst.  Cerrato should be banned from not on the NFL but being called “The GM” on his radio but also from America.  Vinny traded the 1st rounder to get more picks but he made a horrible trade.  He gave up the Skins 1st, 3rd and 5th to get Atlanta’s 2 second rounders and a 4th.  Didn’t make sense to me.

What he did with those picks is epic embarrassment.  He f’n selected three pass catchers not in one draft, one round.  Seriously but you all know that.  I am not even going to mention their names but I heard one was a decent lawyer now.  His best client being himself.  Cerrato will tell you that Snyder had to have the crippled one from Oklahoma but that doesn’t matter to me, it was his job to draft.

Chad Rhinehart was a pick and has had a decent career but not here.  Remember when Chris Horton had a two pick game and the team rushed to make jerseys of #48.  Hope you didn’t buy one because he then sucked and was cut.  Rob Jackson will always have the pick of Romo in 2012 and that may be the only real moment this draft class gave us.  Durant Brooks.  Remember he drafted a punter who was bad in camp and still didn’t cut him until after the season started.  And for those who want to defend it by saying Colt Brennan was in that class.  He never played in his two seasons.  Then was traded for John Beck.  Nuff said.  Hey Vinny we are still waiting on that book to defend yourself you always talk about.



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