Why Getting Trade Return for Griffin or Cousins Would be Tough

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For a couple years now the Redskins have been rumored to be attempting to trade QB Kirk Cousins but haven’t yet.  Also now Robert Griffin III has to be available for the taking if a deal was out there.  I just don’t think the return value is there and here is why.

Teams you can eliminate right away:

Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants-  can’t see them trading him to a division rival and have it come back to haunt them.   Note on Philly though.  Watch next year if Bradford fizzles out.  I could see Kelly being interested in one of our potential free agents and it isn’t Griffin.  I could see Cousins working his offense for some reason really well.

Teams with solid starters who aren’t going to give any decent picks for a backup (or even have a solid backup already):

New England
San Diego- unless something was to happen with Rivers.  But Mariota would probably be replacement
Green Bay
New Orleans

Teams with young quarterbacks that don’t want to rock the boat- Not giving up a decent pick:

San Francisco
St. Louis

The Leftovers:

-Tampa Bay- most likely will use #1 pick on QB so only hope is them being scared of Winston or Mariota.  But then again they still have Mike Glennon on the roster also.

-Chicago- John Fox would love to replace Jay Cutler quickly.  But their focus seems to be on QBs in the draft.  Doubt he would be interested in guys like Griffin and Cousins.

-Arizona- I doubt neither guys would unseat Carson Palmer to start season but the Cards learned you need two ready QBs last season.  But again this is a backup spot and won’t be getting any decent return.

-NY Jets- If they strike out on Mariota draft day, maybe.  But they already have Geno Smith and are our guys any better?  Doubt they would trade for either.

-Buffalo- Ditto like the Jets.  Rex looks like he will take chances on EJ Manuel before he would give up picks on Griffin or Cousins.

-Miami- Something quickly would have to come up between Tannehill and Philbin to make it a possibility.  Miami is going to give Tannehill another year to see what he can do.

-Cincinnati- Just like Miami this is Dalton’s job and the Bengals just don’t give up picks for something like a backup.

-Cleveland- McCown and Manziel being the options should give them interest but who knows with the Browns.  I wouldn’t be surprised on draft weekend if they talk to McCloughan.

-Houston- Griffin going home?  Doubt it because he just doesn’t seem like a Bill O’Brien type.  Cousins maybe?  Bet they wait it out on Hoyer, Savage and Mallett.

-Tennessee- Draft Mariota and it is over.  Trade for Rivers, over.  If Whisenhunt like either of our guys I think we would have heard last year.

-Kansas City- Have Alex Smith under a new deal but they have Andy Reid who brought in Mike Vick with two starters already in Philly.  So I think it would be possible, but then again as a backup so no decent draft pick return.

For those hoping to get the mother load of picks for Cousins or Griffin I am afraid it just ain’t out there.  My guess is best case is a 4th or 5th at best now.  Missed the boat on moving both of these guys.






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