Review of Free Agency One Month Later

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-Overall I am very encouraged by what the Redskins did in free agency during Scott McCloughan’s first go around.  Although it is way overplayed how the Redskins spend Yankees-like money usually in free agency since it hasn’t been like that in at least five years, I like the safe spending methods.  There is nothing wrong with not spending money to use all your cap space.  Save it if it’s not worth spending one week into free agency.  Although the team is low on talent there still are some solid players like Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan I would rather see money spent on them than risky big dollar guys.

-Safe spending was great but you still need to acquire talent as well and I think McCloughan did on the defensive side.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the current defensive line at the time had possibly no one who would be around in a year or two.  Maybe Scott read it?  Because that is where he went big time in bringing in Paea, Knighton and Francois.  I have confidence that Knighton will be a big upgrade next season so I wish they did a longer deal than one year.  But I think having cap space going into next season will make it easier to resign him if he does what we hope.  Paea also should help push the pocket which no one did last season except for like 10 plays by Hatcher.  Francois also gives them depth at a pretty low salary.

-I liked the signing of Chris Culliver to play corner for this team.  The numbers seemed high but compared to a deal like Byron Maxwell got it isn’t bad.  Is Culliver in the same talent comparison as Maxwell?  I think so.  Even if Amerson turns it around and Breeland is the next Rod Woodson like some think, you still need three legit corners.

-What I most like is reviews that Washington is getting on their work in free agency.  Overall it is pretty overwhelmingly good by those who rate these things for a living.  And if McCloughan can hit in free agency it is a bonus since the draft is his true wheelhouse.

-News today of the trade for FS Dashon Goldson? Time will tell when we see what it means for his contract and where his level of play is with this team, but McCloughan must still see something in him that he saw when he drafted him in 2007. I’m 50/50 on this right now until I know more.



-Nothing.  Super Bowl!

I have a tough time coming up with much of any dislikes because the positions of need just were not there. Jeron Johnson I like and hope he is an upgrade at strong safety but center field is still a question.  The Skins didn’t get much of chance on Devin McCourty and this morning news just broke that they made a trade for FS Dashon Goldson. They gave up basically nothing in the draft, so it’s worth a try to see if he can get back to his Pro Bowl play under this defensive staff.

-Washington did miss out on adding offensive line help.  All they have done is resign Tom Compton, as long as he doesn’t go all Hollywood after being in Sharknado 3.  There were options at right tackle and guard and Skins missed out.  Most of the tackle options went off the board before or quickly in free agency by resigning with their clubs.  My guess is that McCloughan is going to use the draft to address the line and also hope bringing in Bill Callahan will be an upgrade.  The key may be the ability to trade back and pick up extra picks in rounds 3-5 to address the line.
-Small point but I wish they kept Roy Helu around, but I think running backs can be found.  I just felt like he made some things happen especially on screens, which is big when your quarterback has trouble seeing receivers down field.

Free agency is not over yet hence it is the one year anniversary of the DeSean Jackson signing.  Which I was reminded by the team once again sending out the awful pic of him signing a contract with the head to toe Skins gear and the grin.





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