Redskins Weekly – More Signings During Free Agency

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1- News of the week is what everyone is calling “Getting the band back together” in reference to the resigning of Colt McCoy.

I did like the Drive’s idea of making it easier by calling the three something like Colt McCousins III.  What does signing McCoy mean for the Redskins QB situation?  According to Gruden it must mean he will battle Cousins for the 2nd spot since Griffin has already been named the starter.  Again, I don’t believe the whole Griffin is a lock to be the starter for this team.

I think this was a bad move if they plan to go into training camp with both Griffin and McCoy.  I don’t see as most that McCoy is the QB of the future.  And having him around for Gruden to eventually get him back on the field really screws up the future.  But then again I think there is no real future with the guys on the roster when it comes to quarterback.  Gruden seems to favor McCoy but then again Gruden could be going into his final season if he can’t handle the QB situation.  But then again the drafting of Marcus Mariota could explode the whole situation.

2- The other signing was the addition of Seattle safety Jeron Johnson.      jeron-johnson-redskins

A former McCloughan guy from the Seahawks and I think this is a good move.  I don’t expect Johnson to come in and be Ronnie Lott but if he can give them better play at safety at the low cost it is a win.  It is still a positive if Johnson can at least be a solid special team’s contributor.  The free agent market did not have that Pro Bowl type of safety when 4pm hit so it was tough for Washington to improve this huge need.

Speaking of special teams it is still a huge issue with this squad.  Maybe Johnson can be an addition but so far he is the only real addition to a unit that has sucked for three years.  I hope that Gruden and Ben Kotwika have decided to go a different route in coverage teams for this season.  Meaning not being afraid to use defensive starters on coverage.  Other teams do it and it works.  Check old Skins games from the 80s.  I bet you see Darrell Green out there.  And finally I hope they have a plan for a better returner.  End the Andre Roberts failed experience.

3- Final topic of the week is the cancelling of the Jason Reid radio show before it started on Snyder’s 980 radio.

I can only go on reports and rumors but are you surprised by this?  Once again the team finds a way to embarrass themselves in the PR world.  It happens at least 10 more times than any other football franchise.  If Bruce Allen ended the show due to Reid’s tough criticism of the Redskins then it is embarrassing.  Sad and embarrassing to be real.

Every time the Skins make a nice move like adding McCloughan they answer with a joke like this.  Dan Snyder and his crew need to decide if they really want to have a legit sports radio station or not.  I am tired of other team’s fans getting laugh at the joke we have become both on and off the field.  Really tired.



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