Redskins Free Agency Thoughts – Week 1

Redskins Free Agents Washington Commanders

1- Free agency started real boring for the Redskins.  But that is not a problem with most.  And some steam picked up last night & this morning.          knighton

I still think the Redskins will add a few guys to their roster but it’s not gonna be like the last fifteen years.  So far we have Stephen Paea, and I don’t know much.  But most like the move and he has to be an upgrade on what is on the roster currently.  Hopefully Frank Kearse is not forgotten by the team though.

Then last night it was confirmed that Pot Roast Knighton signed a 1 year deal. This is another good addition.  It overhauls a huge of many weaknesses which is the defensive line.  Then they can move to the back eight in the next few days and the draft.

They started on the back eight, when they signed CB Chris Culliver to a 4 year deal this morning. Very excited about this signing as well.

It just really is tough that the safety position is not that strong in the draft and in free agency and they had zero chance with the best guy available.  Still some fellas out there because they need two!


2- As the Redskins have been quiet, the Eagles have reminded us of the Vinny years of action.  Chip Kelly has been all over the place the past week.

I discussed the trade of McCoy already where he pretty much said money shouldn’t be spent at running back.  Then he goes out and gives $8 a year for Murray and also adds Ryan Mathews.  I would have kept McCoy and I think it will cost the Eagles in the end.

I have listened to a lot of Philly sports radio that past couple days and it has been simply great.  Usually the callers are crazy and at least the hosts have some control.  I heard a host say Kelly is dead to him.  Ryan Clark made a great point that I have always agreed with on Kelly.  Kelly can take these chances because he always will have a great college job to take.  If it doesn’t work out in Philly he can roll to any college job he wants.  It is going to be must watch on the Eagles in 2015.


3- As for our former and could be former Skins I have this.

I think it was a mistake to let Roy Helu go.  Maybe he wanted to go home and there was no chance but he was needed.  I guess they will look in the draft or McCloughan likes what he saw from Silas Redd.  I hope that is the case we could use another gift like Alfred Morris was.

As for Brian Orakpo, he finds a new home Tennessee for a deal larger than most people expected.  No bad feelings, but it was just his time to move on to another place.  Seemed like a real good guy but it just wasn’t working anymore.  Let’s wait to see what happens with the draft and they slew of pass rushers before spending big dollars on a veteran.  I agree with Steve and his buddy Chris Russell that they should give a look at a guy like Dwight Freeney.


4- Finally a few thoughts on Robert Griffin.     operation patience2

Ryan Clark’s thought on him not being Gruden’s guy should not be a shock to anyone, even I have been saying this over and over.  I still think Griffin is not on the roster week one.  I would bet money on it now.  And I wasn’t shocked that they would take Mariota if he is there at five.  That call is all on McCloughan and I back it if he makes that call.

As for Griffin, can it get any lower for him?  Well, I had a thought that could get him back to decency.  If things are not going well by mid camp maybe he should try this.  Leave football and start training for the Olympics in the hurdles.  I am not sure how much he has lost from the surgeries but if he hasn’t why not get ready for Rio 2016.  Then get back to football where he will no longer be the focus of a team’s future.  It would be a good positive story if it plays out right.  He really needs it.



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