Should the Redskins Consider These Non-Franchised Players?

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1- Ndamukong Suh

This has a 4:01 pm next Tuesday Redskins One departure written all over it.  But Vinny isn’t around and hopefully Danny isn’t making the call.  But I do think they should have an interest and see what it would cost.  And then once it gets crazy…abort quickly.  Too many holes to use a huge cap hit on Suh.  Let the Jags, Raiders or Dolphins fight for him if the Lions are out.

2- Demarco Murray

No chance I hope.  And I doubt they would be interested unless they could deal Alf for multiple picks which won’t happen.  Not a position of need for a big dollar player.  Maybe look at lower dollar backs or in the draft for sure.  Not much debate here.

3- Torrey Smith

Would be a good story for a local guy to switch from the Ravens to the Skins.  But don’t see it happening especially with all signs pointing to Garcon being back.  Like running back, wide receiver is not a position of need for a team that needs every position other than running back and wide receiver.

4- Jerry Hughes

High pick who struggled in Indy but has come on the past two seasons in Buffalo.  They need a pass rusher for sure.  But then again rumors say maybe Orakpo is back in the mix.  Would rather take my chances on Hughes but I bet the price rises like Kruger a couple years ago.  Like Suh they should kick the tires and see what it would cost on Hughes.  But the draft has plenty of outside rush guys in that top 10 pick range so maybe wait till then.  And didn’t they just draft Trent Murphy?

5- Devin McCourty

Truly fits a need the team has had for like ten years.  The draft isn’t full of ready to be starters at safety it looks like so you have to think they will be interested.  But so will plenty of others including the Champion Pats.  So I doubt he comes to an uncertain situation for anything other than money.  So the Skins would have to pay big and is McCourty another Golson or Byrd?

6- Greg Hardy

Would they?  I don’t think he is a fit because he has had his success as a 4-3 end with the Panthers.  I am not as concerned with the character issues as much as others.  I don’t seem to hear anything also that they would be interested in Hardy.  But I would rather look at Hardy than another year of Orakpo, which looks possible again.

7- Mike Iupati

Completely fits a need like safety.  Washington is really bad at guard and Iupati would be a great fit if they are looking to get more physical on the line with Bill Callahan coaching.  I am sure they make an offer and go big instead of medium size deals for a guy like Sean Lavauo.  Still hurting from that decision.  Last season’s free agent decisions made a run at the 2008 draft class for most embarrassing moves.  Even with getting DeSean in it.

8- Julius Thomas

No chatter about this one for DC but I think they should kick the tires.  Again I will say that Jordan Reed is not a sure thing at tight end and this team needs to improve there.  Maybe it will be best to get a 2nd level tight end and spend Thomas money elsewhere but he would help this offense.  In the end, I doubt there is any interest and it is probably for the good since our proclaimed starter can’t see receivers anyway.


Which of these players do you have interest in for the Redskins this offseason?



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