Ranking the Redskins Position Needs

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Here is my rundown of the Redskins’ most important needs in order of Most to Least:

1- Safety

They still need someone who can play the position.  The defense has sucked for years now and the one position they have never found anyone since Zorn has been safety.  They have had linebackers and defensive lineman at times but it’s time to find someone who can play in the back.

2- Offensive Line
We know they have 1.5 lineman on the team currently.  Trent is solid and the center is good.  You can have the rest.  I have no faith Morgan Moses will be ready to play or Spencer Long.  Chester will be gone.  Lavuao should be out with him.  Probably too many holes to fill in just one offseason.  Then again you can say that for the complete roster.  It is not a good situation.

Probably should be number one because of its importance.  I put it high because it doesn’t seem like anyone thinks the QB of the future is Griffin or Cousins no matter how many chances Griffin gets from the top.  This is what makes McCloughan’s situation so tough in rebuilding this roster.

4- Defensive Line
Like I said weeks ago the line will be completely turned over in the next 12 months.  It is bad, really bad.  A position where the GM needs to get lucky in the middle and late rounds finding rotation guys.  Is there anyone you can rely on this current roster?  Maybe Chris Baker but that could be it.

5- Linebacker
I like Kerrigan and Robinson but right now that is it.  Trent Murphy showed some but again he was an Allen pick so he is probably cursed.  They need another consistent rusher and a second inside guy.  They failed at both last season, especially inside.  Allen was just lucky Robinson made it through most of the season or it could have been really ugly.  Sad part is if they take another 3-4 outside rusher, what do you do with the 2nd rounder from last season?  Can you say Malcolm Kelly or Devin Thomas?

6. Cornerback
I know you are saying, should be higher. First of all I am not ready to give Breeland his Canton yellow jacket like some yet.  Let’s see what happens with him this season.  Amerson is a huge question coming into year three and DeAngelo Hall is coming off a huge injury.  Hoping Hall can still play and I am wrong on Breeland. Then they could limp through next season and look at 2016 to improve at corner.

7. Tight End
I think Jordan Reed is an average starting tight end right now.  Like Breeland I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.  Maybe Niles Paul comes back and Paulsen could be cut.  Leaving them with very little.  They need to pick up a quality tight end if they can.  I am not against looking at Vernon Davis.  I have a lot more faith in him than Reed and this team has the room to improve at this position.

8- Wide Receiver
This is based on Garcon and Jackson both being back.  Two Pro Bowl possible receivers should have this last on the list but I really think the third receiver spot is weak.  I would be interested in Jacoby Jones over Andre Roberts in a second.  Jones crushes him as a returner and Roberts should be a better wideout but he didn’t show it last season.

9- Running Back
Adrian Peterson will keep this as a low need.  Joking.  They have a solid starter in Alfred going into only year four.  Maybe Helu leaves or the team doesn’t have interest but I think you can find a backup back easily.  I am least concerned about the running back position except for….

10- Kicker/Punter
Just shows how bad this roster is.  I am happy with both Kai Forbath and Tress Way kicking the ball.  Let’s hope they don’t waste another draft pick on either of these two spots.  I guess they will bring in someone to challenge Forbath but he should stay the kicker for 2015.






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