Redskins Weekly Thoughts – End of February

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Nothing on Robert Griffin this week.  I need a break.

1- One of the things that concerned me coming out of the Combine is that many analysts see the safety position pretty weak at the top after Alabama’s Landon Collins.

And taking Collins at number five sounds way too high when better impact players will be there.  Maybe if they trade back farther in the first round he could be an option.  And we know that the Redskins have failed year after year to bring in a good option ever since drafting Sean Taylor and releasing Ryan Clark the first time around.

They have missed in both the draft and free agency bad in the past.  Using a high pick on Landry or spending huge money way back on Archuleta.  Problem is not only is the draft not strong to make huge improvements immediately but so maybe free agency.

Devin McCourty looks like someone Washington may have to jump and overpay if it wants to get better.  Problem is he should get plenty of attention and from much better situations.  Taking a chance on a returner from injury like Stevie Brown may be a more likely option.  I am very concerned we may be a mess again back there unless the new GM pulls a draft miracle.

2- Please no on Adrian Peterson.

I heard this debated all yesterday and the cons beat out the pros when it comes to looking at acquiring AP.  I am not even going to bring up the off the field character issues and just talk about the ramifications on the field.  No chance we trade for Peterson if he is not released if McCloughan is making the calls.  If we happen to trade for Peterson I am done.  Because it clearly a sign once again who is making the calls.

And stopping Dallas from getting is not an option.  No more TJ Duckett disastrous mistakes.  If Dallas gets him I am not crushed because it means Murray is elsewhere.  That is Demarco Murray who led the league in rushing and was the force behind Dallas changing their whole team.  He carried them most of the season.  Alfred Morris is not an issue.  He is probably the most solid starter we may have next to left tackle.  Too many needs for this team to be interested in Adrian Peterson.

3- I think the Redskins really have to show huge interest in Marcus Mariota.  If they like him or not.

And not only as a trade chip if he falls to them at five.  First of all, I don’t think he makes it to the fifth pick but if he does and McCloughan has him ranked as the best on the board…I am all for taking him if the offers just are not there.  I won’t mention the so-called starter but I am not opposed to going quarterback if our GM finds Mariota to be a franchise guy.  I trust him.

If he has any concerns then I will agree to pass on him and push for the trade back if and only if they still feel they can get a true impact guy at their new draft spot.  I don’t want them to pass on a Williams or a Gregory if they are there just to add a 2nd or 3rd rounder.  The trade down has to be worth it.  I am completely not for the trade down or bust idea.

I also think one of the things that have really hurt the Skins are the lack of compensatory draft picks.  They never have them because they sign way too guys in free agency and don’t lose any their sorry talent.  Teams like Baltimore get a couple every season and make it work.






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