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I went through and did some cap management using the Manage the Cap app. First up I made a list of guys that should out right be cut.  Some of them save a lot of money and some of them just need to go unfortunately.  Sadly a couple guys have been solid contributors in the past but this is a business now and this team needs way too much right now.

Here are the guys getting the AX:

Stephen Bowen

Savings $5.5 million

I think Bowen would get cut if he saved only $.5 million at this point.  Surprised he was around for 2014 actually and did very little coming back from a major surgery.  This should be an easy call on all fronts.  If he is deemed healthy maybe he could come back for something close to vets minimum?


Barry Cofield

Savings $4,122,550 million

Tough one but Cofield didn’t live up to Haslett calling him the best nose tackle in the game.  Maybe they should try and rework his deal but Cofield like Bowen wasn’t ever right after injury.


Chris Chester

Savings $4,000,000

As easy a call as Bowen I am guessing.  No one expects Chester to come back at this cost.  He had a few solid points but never really was worth what they gave.  Very similar to last year’s signing in Lauvao who we could be talking about in 12 months as a casualty.


Perry Riley, JR

Savings $1,950,196

I wouldn’t have resigned him last year even at the modest price they did.  Just end this situation and gladly use the almost 2 mill somewhere else.


Tracy Porter

Savings $2,800,000

The prize of the 2014 free agency class of busts.  Was hurt, never really played and when he did it wasn’t good.  Even with a bad secondary I would release Porter and go elsewhere.


Andre Roberts

Savings $750,000

I doubt this one happens but I would do it.  More clear the roster spot than money savings honestly.  I just don’t see much from Roberts as a receiver or returner to make it worth continuing this.


Logan Paulsen

Savings $1,750,000

Been a good guy to have but I just think they could use the money elsewhere.  For starters finding another tight end that can have a regular impact, unlike the guys now.


Guys who I think may be cut also:

Shawn Lauvao

Kedric Golston

Josh LeRibeus


My moves get them $32 million under the cap and plenty of room to make moves.  But I don’t think they would use all the $32 million quickly in free agency.  I think they use it smarter than in the past.  Well, I hope that is the case.

What moves would you make? Stay tuned for Part 2 with my signings this offseason.



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