Redskins Offseason Questions: Receivers

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The Redskins are a team with limited talent but has a lot of money invested into one position.   Washington has invested heavily into two starters in Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson and larger than normal in a third receiver in Andre Roberts.  Although Washington is not in any kind of salary cap problems it is still too big of a part of the cap.  The problem is cutting back on the receiver spot to invest into the horrid defense or offensive line could be tough.        garcon_needsresized

Pierre Garcon has a huge cap number of over $9 million for 2015.  Most think the easy answer is asking Garcon to renegotiate or to take a pay cut after down numbers last season.  The problem is that Garcon wasn’t any worse of a player than 2013, he was just in horrible situation.  No way Garcon accepts any kind of pay cut and I don’t blame him.  If they threaten him by releasing him I am pretty sure he won’t flinch and won’t mind a new place to play next season.  Maybe the Griffin-babying crew doesn’t want Garcon around anyway so this may be a moot point.

They should keep Garcon for sure.  Do not do something stupid and trade or cut him.  How often do teams get much in trades of veterans anymore?  Rarely happens.  If they can redo his deal that works well for team I am cool with that but he is worth the original deal he signed.  He just needs someone to get him the ball.

As for DeSean he is not going anywhere I am sure of that.  He showed unlike so many Redskins big signings he was worth the pickup.  Like Garcon it would be interesting if they could get him more opportunities.  I hate that both of these guys take up a total of about $18-19 million on the cap but you just can’t afford to get rid of either right now.  This team needs talent to work with whoever quarterbacks next season.

Finally, the third guy Andre Roberts.  Cut him.  I doubt they will because it a lot of dead money and very little cap relief right away.  He gave them nothing in the offense and I think less on kick returns.  I never liked using him there because he was never good there especially on kickoffs.  I would rather get Ryan Grant more chances, maybe it’s time for Hank Time!  Or look in the middle of the draft.  That is what I would do for the wideouts.

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Real quick on the tight ends.  I don’t care for the talent here much anymore.  I am almost over Jordan Reed already.  I just can’t get behind a guy who looks great 1 out of every 4-5 games and that is if he is healthy.  Maybe the QB mess hurts and I hope I am wrong.  Next up, I would let Logan Paulsen go also and take the $1.75 million relief.  I admire what he has given the team but I think you can get two young tight ends for that money to do the same things.  Niles Paul is a free agent and I think it is best to at least do their best to bring him back.  Again, Reed is not reliable and Paul played well when Reed was in street clothes.  I don’t think he will cost much so make an effort.  I do think unlike most that if an upgrade at tight end is there in the draft or in free agency they should consider it.  Don’t want to give up on Reed yet but far from sold.



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