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1- A lot was made about our favorite player this week.  Robert Griffin III was back in the news for a couple reasons.     operation patience2

Again, I still believe once camp starts he will not be on this roster.  Chris Cooley disagrees and thinks he will be the starter for sure and will have to be horrible to lose the job in training camp.  He can do that.  He did, from July until he got hurt.  And then after.  This is a bad sign if this is the case.

Please stop trying to make Griffin succeed, Snyder and crew.  It just isn’t good a thing.  He hasn’t played well in over 26 months and no one seems to want him in the locker room.

Just when everyone started to kill the front office again over how they baby Griffin and still think he is part of the future came a big surprise.  Griffin was not mentioned in a letter to season ticket holders.  Trent was.  Kerrigan was.  Alf was.  But not Robert.  And the topic pulled a complete 180.  Does this hurt Griffin’s feelings like many things have?  Who knows right now?  Maybe he can go talk to his Heisman house crew for support.  Probably not, because the only guy who would most likely talk to him is in rehab.

2- Which player currently on the roster has to step up in the upcoming season the most?

Griffin is not an option.  I think its David Amerson.  Amerson had a promising rookie season, and we saw what he could do with his size as a potential ball hawk.  But last season he wasn’t good.  Only true positive was no one was really good.  As a 2nd round pick coming into year three he needs to be a legit starter for this team.  D Hall returns but off a serious injury and we all love Breeland, but it’s not certain he won’t have a sophomore slump.

You can’t fail on high picks when in the past you don’t have many to use.  Or many picks anywhere in the draft for that matter.  We already have seen a 3rd rounder in LeRibeus pretty much be a bust so Amerson may be next.  I hope not.  But we all know this could happen by looking at his last two seasons at NC State.  Great one followed by bad one.  Hopefully a new defensive staff can work well and get him going.

3- Do I think the Redskins spend big in free agency?     scotmc

They have some room to work with and should make more once they release guys like Bowen, Chester and others.  Good thing is the lack of talent only leaves them with a few guys to worry about extending like Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan.

GM Scot has a past track record of building in the draft and not through big money free agents.  In San Fran they did make one great big dollar signing in Justin Smith.  But kinda quiet other than that.  Same in Seattle as well, as with both teams he crushed the draft.

But it wouldn’t be the Redskins unless Redskins One is gassed up at 4:00pm or whenever free agency starts.  So I am sure with all the holes they have and only their own picks in the draft we could see some new faces.  I doubt a guy like Suh even though they need him if he becomes available.  Will McGloughan have to keep Danny from taking Redskins One to Dallas to see Dez if he doesn’t resign?  Hope not.  I just hope they are able to fill some holes with some quality guys unlike last year.  No Porter, No Lauvao, No Hatcher.


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