Thoughts on Bruce Allen’s Press Conference

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1. They could have sent comedian Bruce Bruce up there instead of Bruce Allen and we could have gotten more info on this team and the future. (also there is a chance he would be a better GM)

2. I thought it was odd he started by saying its only been 72 hours since they season ended as a reason not having much info. They should have been working on fixes the last 8 weeks.

3. Crazy that when asked if the team is in a better situation than when he took over 5 years ago he brought up the charitible foundation. That is great but promote that through twitter and facebook not as his every six month press conference.

4. If you didn’t know everyone works hard at Redskins Park. Players, coaches, front office, etc. He liked mentioning that. Maybe we should go the lazy route in the front office then?

5. Found it crazy that he said it was Gruden’s call to start Griffin in Minnesota. No way this is true. Just amazing.

6. I admire Rob Carlin and Grant Paulsen and others for going after him. I heard it and did not see it on TV yet and have to believe Tony Wyllie was freaking out. Probably took Carlin into a room like Larry Fishburne did the kid at the casino in 21 after he won a lot of money.

7. For those hoping for AJ Smith to be full time GM. Doesn’t sound like it. Again they should have realized and started a new plan 6-8 weeks ago. That is why I think it will be the same staff/front office. With the only difference being no Jim Haslett of course.

8. Didn’t realize how bad free agency was until they brought it up again. Allen tried to defend. I bet everyone had a solid laugh then. (back to the comparison to Bruce Bruce, this almost became a good stand-up routine for Allen).

9. Right now I would take any of these guys as GM over Bruce. They are the Packers football operations team

Ted Thompson, Executive V.P., General Manager & Director of Football Operations
Russ Ball, Vice President of Football Administration/Player Finance
Mike Eayrs, Director of Research and Development
Rob Davis, Director of Player Engagement
Matt Klein, Football Administration Coordinator
Adam Korzun, Director of Performance Nutrition
David Raih, Coaching Administrator
Melanie Marohl, Salary Cap Analyst
Linda Nuthals, Corporate Travel Manager
Sherry Schuldes, Manager of Family Programs
Lisa Waeghe, Executive Assistant – Head Coach
Diane Coron, Football Administration Assistant

10. Why can’t we try and offer Ted Thompson the President role here at some crazy money? Doubt he would take it but we can offer him the same money they offered Jason Hatcher. Better return on investment on that at least.

11. I guess the company line on the defense of Griffin is that he is only 24. Young yes. Can’t see receivers though is more important.

12. Finally, if you think this team is in bad shape today didn’t help. It only hurt. Firing Jim Haslett only isn’t going to fix much but to them they think its the difference from being the Eagles or Seahawks or so in their minds. Tell me one more time Bruce you have all your draft picks and $20 million in cap space. You could have 15 picks and $50 million. No one has any confidence these guys right now can use it correctly. And you clearly heard it first hand from the people who cover the team daily today.

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