Three Things I Hope to See From Redskins Next Two Games

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1. Continued development of Bashaud Breeland as a legit starting cornerback in this league.

I want him to keep battling guys like Dez Bryant and Jeremy Maclin one on one to get better.  We need a 4th rounder to come through as a starter because it just doesn’t happen lately here.  And with the uncertainty of Deangelo Hall in the future and the more talk than action in David Amerson it will be a huge lift for the future of this defense if Breeland can play.  I still can’t believe Amerson downplayed the game and skills of Odell Beckham, Jr.  Just shows how clueless some of these guys are.

Breeland can help make the corner spot the 4th or 5th need in free agency and the draft when everyone knows there are so many spots this team needs to develop better talent.  As for the secondary I would also get Philip Thomas back at free safety.  It is a joke he is playing strong and Ryan Clark is at free.  Not helping anything for the future of this team.  Again, clueless.


2. I skipped the quarterback spot amazingly as the first one.    Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

A week or so ago I thought it would be best to go back to Kirk Cousins and see again what he has.  But that just isn’t going to happen barring an injury with this organization.  So it is Robert for the final two.  Let him play these two and make a decision.  If he sucks and Jay Gruden is staying for sure then get rid of Robert.  My guess is Griffin will do whatever his agent can to get him out of DC.  Guessing the same will go for Kirk as well.

If he can’t get this offense going against the Eagles and Cowboys defense he shouldn’t be in this league.  Colt was solid against Dallas and Kirk was against Philly for most of those games.  If Robert can’t show the same it’s time to end it.  I don’t care what they gave up or where he could end up if they let him go.


3. Stop the “we’re just gonna promote AJ Smith from consultant to a General Manager type position”.

I have started to hear this going around and could completely see this happen after the season.  I think this is another horrible Snyder and Allen call.  They need multiple outside personnel and scouting specialists to come in and fix this thing.

Remember when it was rumored that the Redskins were going to bring in Jim Fassel as coach twice?  And everyone flipped and made it clear to the Redskins it was a bad call?  That’s what we need to do when it comes to AJ Smith.

It will be interesting to see how many Eagles and Cowboys fans are at FedEx the next two weekends.  That will show Snyder where he has this organization.  By the way Fassel would have most likely been a better call than Zorn of course.  We will never know.



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