Top 10 Redskins I Don’t Want to See Back in 2015

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10.  Tyler Polumbus      tylerpolumbus
Just end it please.  Can’t see him coming back no matter how bad the other options are at this point.  Rather see Shar Pourdanesh get a crack at right tackle.

9. Perry Riley Jr.
Take the cap hit and sell number 56 jerseys with the name Dead Money well spent.  I guess a lot depends on who is running the defense next season but if it’s a 4-3 set, I can’t see him having a chance.

8. Chris Chester
Easy call to save $2.7 mil on the cap next season,  so see ya.  Started as a bad call then he looked OK in 2012 when everyone fooled us.  Time to use the cap space elsewhere.  Maybe Shar can move inside.

7. Brian Orakpo
Remember him?  Obviously no way they franchise him again but this is the Redskins and maybe Has can sell him again if he stays.  Now a legit injury concern maybe they can get him back on the cheap?  I would just cut ties.

6. Stephen Bowen
Same as Chester but add the Orakpo injury prone part also.  Shocked he made it through this season on the roster but then again they redid his contract.

5. Tracy Porter
Got 0 from him this season pretty much.  I pushed for them to look at Antonio Cromartie but instead they went Porter right away.  Give him a signed VHS of his Super Bowl pic 6 and release him.

4. Shawn Lauvao
Just get rid of any offense lineman not named Steiger or Trent and any 2014 free agency pick up not named DeSean.  It was doomed from the signing when no one knew who he was and the Browns laughed when we gave him $17 mil at 4:01pm.

3. Ryan Clark    
The first time around Clark was one of my favorites and it was an idiotic mistake to let him walk.  It would have made it so we didn’t sign Archuleta and draft Laron Landry in the top 10.  But now it has been ugly each week.  ESPN will have a new full time talent by playoff time.

2. Pierre Garcon    kyleshanahan
Kind of a joke here.  They need him and he is worth the money.  I am looking out for Garcon and for his sake, another team would be great for him to help win.

1. Anyone who has had a say in the past drafts and free agency
See ya Bruce, Scott Campbell, Danny Snyder…well we can’t get rid of him.  Everyone knows they need to revamp this whole department.  I doubt it happens but we have to keep hope.  Free agency last Spring was embarrassing although they will tell all about DeSean which was just luck.

Footnote:  I didn’t add Robert Griffin on this and this doesn’t mean I am a supporter.  But just like the Redskins I have no clue what to do with him. 






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