Redskins Fans, Four Signs it Could Get Worse

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1. If good teams start with solid line play, the Redskins are in horrible shape. It is possible that none of the current defensive lineman will be on the roster in two years.

Actually Chris Baker may be and that is it. Possibly Jarvis Jenkins, but he’s probably not much of a factor. Cofield, Hatcher and Bowen will be history and Bowen should have already. They will have to do a complete revamp of this crew in the next two years. And do you trust the personnel crew to do this?

As for the other side of the line? Could be just as ugly. You can tell me Trent Williams is the savior but a decision has yet to be made on him. He is currently hurt and does bring up the question if he is a big money investment? They probably have no choice. Kory Lichtensteiger is solid but you can have the rest. Recent picks on the line have shown nothing so far to get hopeful for either. It’s damn ugly.


2. Who is the future at quarterback? You tell me because no one knows.    no-means-no

Griffin most likely is done, Cousins is buried and no one really believes in Colt long term. Who is the QB in 2015 or 2016? Do they have to use a high pick now again on it? What a disaster this has become. I think getting a better look at Cousins is the best hope but for now McCoy has played the best.

What’s the best case? McCoy plays strong the last month and at least gives them a QB to start 2015. But that could be the worst case because McCoy can roll after the season or the “braintrust” could take a break from trips to reservations to give him a crazy dollar deal. Honestly this could be the greatest throw a dart at the dart board and whoever it hits go with him situation.


3. If it’s mid-January and the main personnel guys are Bruce Allen and Scott Campbell, I am out. Then we have reached not joke status but beyond joke status.

Not sure what that is called. Worse than Al Davis at the end, worse than Peter Angelos’ worse, worse than Manny Pacqiauo playing point guard for his own pro basketball team in the Philippines.

Sad part is I have complete confidence nothing will change come the offseason. I bet firing Haslett will be their big move that they think will win back the fans. That’s how clueless I expect Snyder on down to be. Maybe they can roll blame Shanahan again which could be ironic if say Mike is coaching a team like the Niners.


4. The team has put too much of their cap into the receiver position and it could get interesting quick.    grudenandjackson

I like Pierre, I like DeSean and I am cool with Andre but for a team that has nothing invested in their secondary, could this be too much? Garçon and Jackson have big cap numbers and Roberts is big for a 3rd receiver and bad return man. So I wonder if Garçon is at risk of moving on?

He has had a tough season although it’s mostly not his fault. Then again maybe Garcon would welcome the Lav Coles treatment? I probably would if I was him at this point. Either way signing both Jackson and Roberts is a mistake we have seen in the past. DeSean is no Randle-el or Lloyd but Roberts is close. Either way they have to get better at so many spots other than wide receiver.



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