Top Four Redskins Observations at Mid-Season

Washington Commanders

1- DeSean Jackson was well worth the money.     grudenandjackson

Every time the ball goes up deep to Jackson I feel he is going to come down with it if he has any chance.  I don’t think I have ever seen someone at his size be able to judge the ball and make the catch no matter how covered he is.  It almost got to the point that the Redskins whoever is behind center should toss a deep on to DeSean every series because it works.

And for those who have been concerned with his gang activity or acting up can’t say anything because DeSean has been quiet.  I don’t like the after play stuff but I can live with it if he continues to have 100 plus yard games.  Again, I don’t know what the Eagles were thinking letting Jackson go.

2- A lot has been made of Alfred Morris‘ year so far and how he hasn’t had a 100 yard game forever.  I think Morris will be OK and with Griffin returning he should get a solid bump.

But I do like that the Skins are playing Roy Helu around the same amount of plays as Morris even in games were they are not down.  When Helu gets a little bit a room he can take the ball for 20-30 more yards just because his field vision is so impressive.  If they set up the correct screen to Helu it can break into huge play.  I wonder what happens after the season with him but I hope they look to keep him.

3- I don’t understand the fear of playing Jordan Reed only 25 plus plays?     jordanreed2

If it is a fear of his health that really concerns me for the long term.  Reed is obviously a difference maker in this offense and needs to be out there.  If it has to do with his run blocking then I am really concerned that he can’t get better especially with his size.  The coaches need to make him a better blocker then.

I agree with a point Chris Cooley made to get Reed on the field more by using him as a slot receiver in Andre Roberts‘ role since he has had struggles catching the ball.  Reed needs to play, it is that simple.

4- I am still in shock over the performance of Bashuad Breeland on Monday night.

Not that he doesn’t have the talent, but that he did it so early in his rookie campaign.  Or maybe the Redskins have Dez Bryant‘s number?  I doubt that.

If Breeland can continue to do what he did Monday it can change the whole future of the roster.  To get a legit starting corner in the 4th round would be huge to an organization that has struggled in the draft.  We are due on of these breaks.  Seattle is an obvious example where a move like this was able to boost them to the top.  It does concern me that he has a marijuana issue already so he will have to be smart.  But everyone has to like what they saw from Breeland so far.



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