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While it is true that the NFL trade deadline is not as big of an event as the trade deadline’s in the other 3 major sports which see a flurry of activity, the NFL trade deadline will likely see a couple more deals. Teams like the Redskins who are basically out of contention right now, should look to shop any excess players or expiring contracts.

Unfortunately for the Redskins since they aren’t that great of a team and they are dealing with a number of injuries, they don’t have many players that they would either want to part with or that other teams would have much interest in. That being said there are a couple players that the Redskins could possibly move at the deadline. Of the players that might draw some interest, the one that is probably the most likely to be moved is back-up RB Roy Helu Jr.

RB Roy Helu Jr.:

Why he is available:

-Though the Redskins ground game has been struggling, it doesn’t appear that the Redskins believe that Roy Helu Jr. would be part of the long-term solution at running back. Despite a down year, Alfred Morris is still the number one back in Washington and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. Helu is the Redskins 3rd down back, but since he’s an impending free agent and the Redskins are unlikely to re-sign him he’s expendable to the Redskins. Even if the Redskins were interested in bringing him back next year they could easily sign him off the open market next March.

What teams could be interested:

Helu Jr. might not be considered a top starting running back, but he’s a capable back who could fill in for a team missing a starter. He would also be considered an upgrade for teams looking for a good 2nd running back or a 3rd down back. As it stands now among contenders the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Chargers, Broncos, Eagles, Lions and Panthers have all dealt with one or more semi-serious to major injuries in their backfield. Now not all of those teams may be willing to give up a late round pick to get Helu, but a couple could be interested.

Buffalo Bills:

-The Bills have lost C.J. Spiller for the season and Fred Jackson for at least a month and sit at 5-3 on the year. They are very much in the playoff mix this year and with a new ownership group taking over the team, the front office and coaching staff is on the hot seat if they don’t show good results this season  That could lead the Bills to consider making a deal to get another back to help replace Jackson until he comes back and then split time with him when he’s healthy.

San Diego Chargers:

-The Chargers have lost Ryan Mathews, Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown to various injuries this season, and though Mathews and Brown should be back soon, San Diego might consider adding to Brandon Oliver as Brown has been ineffective this year and Mathews has dealt with injuries in the past. San Diego has lost their past two games and may feel they need a shake-up in the backfield.

Carolina Panthers:

-The Panthers aren’t exactly a great contender, but they do currently lead the NFC South and it appears that it will come down to them and the Saints for the South. The Panthers have dealt with a ton of injuries at the running back position and they haven’t been able to count on anyone to stay healthy. If they want to ensure a spot in the playoffs.

What they could get in return:

The Redskins aren’t going to get a lot for an average RB in the final year of his deal, but it would possible for the Redskins to get a 6th or 7th round pick for Helu. Given that multiple teams could be interested in adding a back, the Redskins may be more likely able to extract a 6th from one of these contenders

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