Prediction of first cuts to get down to a 75 man roster:

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The Redskins need to make 14 cuts before Tuesday’s deadline to get down to a 75 man roster for their final preseason game. Here are the 14 guys I see most likely on the initial chopping block:

1. WR Lee Doss

2. WR Rashard Lawrence

3. WR Cody Hoffman

4. OL Kevin Kowalski

5. TE Matt Veldman

6. DL Robert Thomas

7. DL Jeremy Towns

8. DL Jake McDonough

9. LB Jeremy Kimbrough

10. LB Adrian Robinson

11. CB Bryan Shepard

12. S Ross Madison

13. S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith

14. P Tress Way

Some Notes:

-I think to cut down to 14 players 3 WR’s need to go and as much as they might like to see Cody Hoffman get some more extensive work, Rashad Ross and Nick Williams I think have earned the chance to be the back-ups to Ryan Grant and Aldrick Robinson for the final preseason game. What will be interesting is to see if they sit both Roberts and Moss as well. If so they may need to keep one more WR for the final preseason game.

-I could have maybe seen another OL cut in this first round of cuts, but with Morgan Moses’s injury and the starters not playing that would leave the line too thin for the final game.

-The Redskins only need three TE’s for the final game so Veldman should be an easy cut.

-I considered with keeping 3 TE’s that Stephen Campbell could be an initial cut, but I think they might keep him for this final game, let the backs run with a true FB instead of forcing a TE there.

-I actually considered Chris Thompson in the first round of cuts, despite the fact that they could consider him a PS option. Thompson didn’t play against the Ravens and even if Helu sits along with Morris, I would guess the Redskins want to see more out of Redd, Royster and Seastrunk.

-Defensively cutting 3 DL thins out that position for the final preseason game, but it’s tough to get to 14 cuts otherwise.

-The other 5 defensive cuts probably aren’t that much of a shock. The only one who has been slightly interesting is Adrian Robinson, but I still see him behind Brown and Miller so he’s the odd man out. The Redskins don’t need 5 OLB’s for the final preseason game.

-The Redskins did just sign Tress Way and he wasn’t that much worse than Malone, but unless they are going to cut a guy like Campbell or Thompson, this is an easy way to get down to 75 guys.

-The good news for the Redskins is there are fewer obviously options in getting down to 75 guys then there have been in years past.

-One final note, as long as Hankerson and Bowen are on the Active PUP (allowing them to return before the start of the season) they are counting towards the 75 man limit.

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