Predicting the Redskins 10 Man Practice Squad:

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With my 53 man roster prediction set, I thought it would be good to take a look at how the new 10 man practice squad could shape up. Here’s my first look at it:

2 Additional Players under the new guidelines:

S Bacarri Rambo

-Rambo would have to get through waivers and there is a chance a team with injuries at the safety position could claim him, but there is probably a 50/50 shot he would make through. If he does make it through waivers the Skins should add him to the practice squad to give them further safety depth. There are a lot of questions with the safety position, and chances are Clark, Meriweather, Thomas and Robinson won’t last the full 16 games next year.

CB Richard Crawford

-Crawford is coming off an ACL injury and just hasn’t shown the same promise he did pre-injury. With the additions of Breeland and Porter, and the improvement of Minnifield, Crawford is on the outside looking in, even if the Redskins keep 6 CB’s. Crawford might be claimed, but chances are he’d make it through waivers. Remember this is a former 7th round corner who is coming off a major knee injury, hard to see teams lining up to add him to their roster. He’s a good guy to try to stash on the practice squad for a year to see if he can re-gain his form after a full year removed from the surgery.

8 Other Practice Squad Players:

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RB Silas Redd-

-Redd is probably the player the Redskins most want to sneak through waivers and keep on the practice squad for a year. He’s shown a lot of promise in camp, but right now loses in the numbers game for a 53 man roster spot. Still he’s a good guy to have around, particularly with Helu and Royster facing UFA next offseason.

OLB Gabe Miller

-Gabe Miller has flashed some in the preseason and had definitely earned his way on to the practice squad if he doesn’t crack the 53 man roster. He’s got some natural pass rush ability, and he’s a versatile player that could develop into a nice quality back-up in the future.

S Akeem Davis-

-Despite already having one safety on the practice squad the Redskins could opt for another one. Davis has some special teams upside and that could help get him called up to the active roster if there is an injury.

WR Nick Williams

-The Redskins may only keep 1 wide receiver on the practice squad and Williams will have to battle it out with some solid choices, but he’s got a bit of an advantage. He’s got return ability and he also has a little NFL experience making him further along than some of the other guys.

TE Ted Bosler-

-Bosler has nice size, but he’s a project tight end and the Redskins knew that when they drafted him in the 7th round. He really struggles as a blocker and he needs to get stronger at the point of attack. A year on the practice squad could give him time to get up to par and get into the mix in 2015.

C Trevita Stevens-

-It’s likely the Redskins will want to keep at least one back-up offensive lineman on the practice squad and Stevens is one of the few incumbents that work for this spot (Gettis and Compton could replace one of Rambo or Crawford). Stevens played well in extensive duty versus the Patriots and the Redskins could see him worth keeping around, particularly with question marks surrounding the future of their center position.

DT Robert Thomas

-I don’t think Thomas has done a lot to earn the spot, but he’s one of the few practice squad eligible defensive linemen and the Redskins would be wise to have at least one back-up. The Redskins have one of the oldest units in the league and it’s a position that is typically filled with injuries so depth is key.

RB Chris Thompson

-This was a tough decision for the last roster spot and in reality it could easily be someone off another team’s roster, but in the end I took Thompson over some of the possible other options. I don’t think Thompson is the best choice, but I do think the Redskins are intrigued by what he can do. His skill set is very tempting and with again the possibility of two open roster spots next year, keeping him around might not be a bad thing. If he can stay healthy (which is a big if), Thompson could earn a spot as a return man/3rd down back (depending on the development of Seastrunk).

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