Lache Seastrunk: What Can Redskins Fans Expect Next Year

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By: Justin Partlow


Heading into the 2013 season, Lache Seastrunk was seen as one of the top end RB prospects due to his rare speed that he had. While not a guy who was showcasing the ability to catch the ball, along with some questionable vision, Seastrunk still showed he’s one of the guys who can take any run the distance. When the 2014 NFL Draft rolled around, many saw Seastrunk as someone who could go on day 3, but would earlier rather than later. After a plummet into the 6th round, Seastrunk found his home in the Washington Redskins offense, which will use his speed to their advantage. Seastrunk with his blinding speed will prove to be a very good compliment to Alfred Morris and will hopefully be groomed to be the teams replacement to Roy Helu under the assumption he leaves in FA next year. Below I’ll take a look at what Seastrunk does well and what Redskins fans can look forward to with Seastrunk next year.


As I mentioned earlier, what Seastrunk does so well is his ability to take any run and be able to score a TD whenever. Seastrunk when he doesn’t show his questionable vision is able to cut back and find the open hole in the defense. Once that happens he’s able to make a medium sized run into a special one. As seen in many of Seastrunk’s highlight film plays, he’s able to find the open spot, make a move on the defender and he’s gone for a big time play. That fits so well with what Washington wants from him. They want him to be the home run threat and someone who can get the ball 7-10 times a game and is a threat to take it to the house each time. If Seastrunk can already provide that threat, then it’ll be another added dimension to the rest of the offense and especially with Jay Gruden calling plays. Another thing that Seastrunk does better than some say and wasn’t showcased while at Baylor is his ability to catch the ball. As well known, Baylor’s offense didn’t really feature the ball being thrown to the RB’s or TE’s, but when Seastrunk would catch passes it looked not forced and he did a good job of making a play with the ball in his hands.


So what then can Redskins fans expect Seastrunk to be next year for them? As I mentioned earlier the Redskins really want him to be that dynamic threat who can provide a fear into opposing teams defensive coordinators. Seastrunk also is going to be hopefully groomed into being the new 3rd down running back with the good assumption that Roy Helu is going to walk in FA next year. Seastrunk will need to greatly improve his pass protection ability and his reads to become the true 3rd down option, but he’s got the tools needed to be someone who can be successful. I’d expect him to be brought along slowly by coach Gruden and then RB coach Randy Jordan, but will have the ability to showcase himself as a possible special teams return man along with being the #3 RB the upcoming year. 2015, like many of the other draft picks is really the year where we can expect the jump in production to occur.

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