Morgan Moses: What Can Fans Expect Next Year?

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By: Justin Partlow


Heading into the 2014 NFL draft, Morgan Moses was seen as being in the upper echelon of OT’s and was a likely 1st round draft pick to a team such as the Carolina Panthers. After not going in the 1st round, there was the thought that Moses wouldn’t last long on day two, then he just continued to fall into the 3rd round. At 66 the Redskins pounced on the big OT from UVA and now have their future RT for years to come. Moses is a dancing bear, and someone who figures prominently into the teams plans for a long time. Look for the Redskins to work on his overall technique, but for him to become a starter early into year one. Below I’ll take a look at what fans can expect from him next year.


Simply put, drafting Morgan Moses in the 3rd round shows that you are looking for him to become a starter early into his career if not in year one if possible. Moses right now possesses the ability to start, mainly due to his ability to pass block at a very high level. When you watch the film of Moses, it always stood out this year that he could shut down the top pass rushers that he faced, but always did so while not being the top end athlete. Morgan Moses is so impressive in his ability to use his length to wall off defenders. If Moses gets the chance to start in year one, then look for him to be an upgrade at RT with his ability to pass block at a high level. Chris Foerster though will have his hands full though with Moses. As I’ve noted before in my reports of Moses, he does allow for guys to get into his body easily and doesn’t always show the best overall technique. At times it almost looks as if Moses gets by with his length, instead of having technique that wins.


The other thing Moses will improve early on is something that isn’t mentioned enough. Moses has played both RT and LT in college. By having that experience at both positions he can provide depth at two different positions and can help with the overall team. This can allow for the Redskins to not have as much concern about the back up LT position, but at the same time you want Moses to be your long-term starter at RT instead of just a swing tackle. One thing I really do like about Moses and something that fans will enjoy as well is his ability to finish plays and be dominant when he gets his hands on opponents. Routinely on film you were able to see Moses latch on in the 2nd level and then drive block the defender down the field. Moses at the RT position will provide a great value if he can continue the upward trajectory he’s shown in the previous year when he moved to the LT position and seemed in a way to re-dedicate himself to the game.


Morgan Moses is a project in some ways, but at the same time he’s also someone who if he continues is improvement and takes advantage of what he does well then he could become one of the steals of the draft. As mentioned before, Moses does have his overall flaws and will need help in reaching his potential, but at the same time he does have exactly every tool you can want. While not the star athlete or the best looking guy you’ll find on the field, he’s someone who gets the job done and continually does it even if it’s not the prettiest way.

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