The Way Too Early Redskins Schedule Predictions

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Garcon showed how valuable he is to the surging Redskins.

Here we go again with the way too early Redskins game by game predictions…

Week One At Houston Texans – Loss    Garcon showed how valuable he is to the surging Redskins.

They are fortunate they are going to get a team with a new coach and most likely a new quarterback starting his first game but I still don’t like this matchup.  Both teams were disappointments in 2013 but I feel the Texans at home have enough on the defensive side to pull it out.  Not so sure about the Haslett guys.   0-1

Week Two Vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Win

I think they get a home win against another team starting most likely a new QB.  Jacksonville should be better this season but getting them at home and early on should be enough to get by the Jags.  1-1

Week Three At Philadelphia Eagles – Loss

The DeSean Jackson revenge bowl or would it be the other 52 on the Eagles going for revenge on DeSean?  The Skins lost close games twice to the division champs last year after falling way behind in both.  So all they need is to put together two strong halves I guess?  Not sold on Philly but I feel they take this at home.  1-2

Week Four Vs New York Giants – Win

Gonna call win at home here.  Like the Eagles, the Giants don’t scare me even though they swept the Skins last season.  This is a game where we see Griffin has returned from a bad last year.  Offense kicks it in, defense does barely enough.  2-2

Week Five Vs Seattle Seahawks – Loss

The champs roll into FedEx and my guess is the Legion of Doom and Desean will have some solid pregame chatter.  In the end I have to think its ugly like the playoff game.  Right now Seattle had too much for a new coach like Gruden.    2-3 but still easily in division race

Week Six At Arizona Cardinals – Loss

Bad year to get the NFC West on their schedule.  I think they can play the Cards tough but on the road I got a loss.  Hopefully Carson Palmer can help us out as this has a D Hall 3 pickle game feel to it.  But I find guys like Fitzgerald and Peterson too much for the Gruden bunch.  2-4

Week Seven Vs Tennessee Titans – Win

Big win here as they get some confidence against a team that could be bad and in huge QB limbo.  I think the Redskins put it together and are able to handle the Titans at FedEx.  3-4

Week Eight At Dallas – Win

Monday night battle where I feel the Skins.  Far from high on Jay Gruden but I have no confidence in Jason Garrett who has been on the bubble for like 10 years it feels.     Dallas just feels like a team that is very much an unknown, so I could change this before September.  4-4. Maybe first place?

Week Nine At Minnesota Vikings – Win

Remember when we lost there last season and it was such an embarrassment?  Well, the Vikings ended up with more wins so they were probably embarrassed more that they barely took the 2013 Redskins.  But I think we get some revenge on the road.  5-4

Week Ten Bye Week

Week Eleven Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Win

Three game run as the Bucs far from scare me.  Love should improve them but is Josh McCown really a starter that should force Mike Glennon out?  Or is it Luke McCown?  At home the Skins win and sit good in the East.  6-4

Week Twelve At San Francisco 49ers – Loss

Skins are back baby!  And maybe Harbaugh and Baalke implode?  Maybe Kaepernick slips?  Maybe the defense of the Niners takes a step back?  But probably not as the 3 game win streak ends.  6-5

Week Thirteen At Indianapolis Colts – Loss

But I think they can win.  Griffin vs Luck 1.  I think they play the Colts tough but in the end Laron Landry doubles his creatine shakes for the week and the Skins drop this one.  6-6

Week Fourteen Vs St. Louis Rams – Win

We get to see the 21 guys the Rams got in the Griffin trade come to town.  Problem is as of today they haven’t got a solid QB who can stay healthy.  Skins win and sit right in the mix.  7-6

Week Fifteen At NYG – Win

Yes.  Taking down the Giants as they finish with three divisional battles.  John Mara can stick it from his suite also!  8-6

Week Sixteen Vs Philadelphia Eagles – Win

He’ll yeah DeSean!  After a mediocre first effort DJax burns the shaky Eagles secondary and the Skins win this Saturday game.  Everyone can party later as Fred Davis will clear his driving record and be able to Über everyone home.  9-6

Week Seventeen Vs Dallas Cowboys – Win

Cowboys will be done at this point.  Skin roll them as Fred Davis gets fired by Uber for smoking blunts while driving DHall and DeSean to their favorite clubs.  10-6

Should have called this the Kool-aid schedule predictions with Washington actually winning 10 games.  Pretty ridiculous but it just played out that way!



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