CB Victor Hampton Breakdown

Washington Commanders Washington Redskins Draft

By Adam Frazier

A Hidden Gem Slot Corner:

-As a ‘skins fan we all realize that there are so many holes on this roster thanks to the Shanaplan. I personally liked the Deangelo Hall signing and was impressed with his play last season. While last year I was not a big David Amerson fan coming into the draft, he did played better then expected and although he does gamble, he exceeded my expectations and will fill out that 2nd boundary spot as a corner this year.

-What people fail to realize is that we played a “nickel” package around 60 percent of the time last year. With that said, our slot corner is basically a starting position on this defense and I know just the guy coming into this years draft that will not cost us one of our higher round draft picks. The guy even comes from a school that has developed some of the NFL’s top Defensive Backs. His name is Victor Hampton from South Carolina University

-First play I watched Hamtpon make on film. Is it impressive? Yup. Kid sits on the route and makes the play, should have took it to the house though, he cut it inside and should have just followed his blocks to the endzone. I use to do this a lot though as well in my college playing days, so I’ll let it slide.

-Kid’s just great in coverage. He has great positioning here even though he lacks height the WR just has no chance to make this play b/c Hampton is all over it.

-MUST WATCH…This is the play that absolutely blows my mind. SC is in zone coverage here an is an absolute mismatch against the DE. Hampton’s responsibility is to split the WR’s and break on the ball as its thrown and make the play. This should be an impossible play for Hampton to make, but he makes it happen. Just absolutely unreal ability to read the QB and break on the ball. I’m jealous.

-You may ask me is this to good to be true??? What’s wrong with this kid??? Well he does need some improvement in one area and that area is tackling. The guy can get off blocks but he often dives at the ball carrier’s feet to tackle. I know he can make these tackles with proper coaching b/c he always places himself in position to make them(unlike Rambo). His press coverage needs some work to be as a nickel corner he’s there to cover slot WR’s and that is exactly what he can excel at. I came away impressed with him and while many have him at a 3rd round grade I think there is a great possibility he falls to the 4th at least b/c some of the corners in this draft with lesser talent but better size will be over drafted as teams try to mold their DB’s with Seattle.

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