Four Things That Would Concern Me the Cerrato-type Days are Back

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Top 20 of Vinny Cerrato's Worst Personnel Moves

Top 20 of Vinny Cerrato's Worst Personnel Moves

1. Signing Deangelo Hall to another crazy deal like Vinny Cerrato did the past and doing it way too premature.

If in the next few weeks before free agency even starts if Bruce Allen locks up Hall to some 5 or 6 year deal for crazy guaranteed money I will be concerned where this is going.  I was impressed with Hall’s play last season, but was far from his talent in seasons past.  The team does need help in the secondary for sure, but there will be plenty of options so jumping the gun on Hall makes me nervous.

Let it play out like last year did with Hall.  If they end up losing him it’s not the worst thing in the world.  I don’t think they owe him for playing last season on a cheap one year deal either.

2. If Hall is not back, many figure the team will focus their attention on Patriots corner Aqib Talib.

If they do it doesn’t look like Talib is going to settle for another one year deal like last season.  But he has the Redskins and Tampa connection which is pretty much what this off season has been all about.  Signing Talib and making him one of the highest paid corners would also concern me where the Allen crew is going.  Talib has talent but he has a troubled history which sent him packing from Tampa.  I think it is too much of a risk to give Talib the money it would take to pry him from New England.

Again, I wouldn’t send Redskins One to go get him at 12:01 and move fast.  Let this one play out also.  Crazy “jump the gun signings” have not worked and I hope Allen recognizes that.

3. Making it a must to spend big money on another receiver.  I think the team is lacking a true #2 wideout here but I hope they don’t pull another Randle-El and Brandon Lloyd off season.

Especially a Lloyd one where they gave up picks to acquire him.  There are plenty of options in free agency to improve at the wide receiver position but I just don’t see spending $30 million on any of them.  Would Allen and Snyder like to get back at John Mara and take Hakeem Nicks?  It should be costly and I don’t think it would be smart.

I think if Redskins One tracks to get Nicks or Eric Decker and they decide to pay them #1 type money it would not be smart.  Gruden in Cincy was able to AJ Green but that took a high pick which the Skins don’t have.  But he also seemed to get other receivers to be productive like Sanu, Jones and Hawkins.  Let us see what he can do with guys like Hankerson and Robinson before paying two guys huge money.

4. It would also be a concern if the Redskins this off-season decide to move up in the draft.

Shanahan stayed away from that other than the huge trade to get Griffin.  Then again we are still unsure who led the call to do that.  The last thing I want to see is Washington moving up because they have a have someone in the first round.  Too many times before Shanahan they did this and this team does not have the abundance of picks to make it worthwhile.

Trading back would make me more confident as well.  But please let’s hope that they don’t fall in love with someone, freak out and end up giving multiple picks.  With too many holes losing their 3rd or 4th rounder or a 2015 pick would not be smart, but I could see it happening.



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