Should the Redskins Pick-up Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito?

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Before I get to the Washington Redskins aspect of this let’s discuss the two players and what has happened.  When the story first broke after Martin left the Dolphins, I was very critical of both Incognito and the Dolphins organization.  I still have pretty much the same opinion on both of them about how things did get out of hand.

But on the other side many more questions about Jonathan Martin have come to light since Incognito was suspended and Martin never returned to Miami to play last season.  Incognito’s use of racial insults and many of the Dolphins acceptance of that was not right.  But now reading over 1000 text messages between the two makes their relationship very confusing.  Are they friends joking around and Incognito went too far?  Were they at a point where Incognito and Martin commonly cut on each other and then Martin one day decided it was enough?  Until the full report comes out next week we don’t really know.     Jonathan-Martin-Richie-Incognito-Bullyin-Miami-Dolphins

Should the Redskins look at Jonathan Martin?

Martin is currently under contract with the Miami Dolphins through 2015.  So as of right now any team would have to make a trade to acquire Martin from Miami.  But that could change quickly if the Dolphins decide to cut ties with Martin once everything is resolved.  And you have to wonder if Martin even wants to return to a NFL team or has the desire to play in the league.  He claims so, after his interview with Tony Dungy.

So far his play on the field has been worse than his second round draft status of a couple years ago.  Leaving some to believe his leaving the Dolphins had as much to do with his bad play as any hazing.  But he is young and maybe a change of scenery could spark Martin to live up his draft status.

So would I give up any draft compensation for Martin if I was Washington?

No.  I wouldn’t even waste a 7th rounder on the chance Martin wants to play.  This team doesn’t need the attention it will bring especially after the past 3 months of Shanahan, Griffin, and the name change controversy.  If Martin didn’t have the questions the hazing situation has brought up I would be interested in them bringing him in, but the Redskins have enough issues getting their quarterback back to his rookie success to deal with what attention Martin would bring in training camp.  The amount of talent just isn’t there to make it a smart move at this point.  If Martin is released by the Dolphins are free to go anywhere I think I would still pass.  This team is not one who needs any more bad attention or distractions.

Should the Redskins look at Richie Incognito?

Incognito is a different situation because his contract will expire with Miami and he’s a free agent.  My guess is that his teammates in Miami will push for the team to bring him back based on their support of him the past few months.

Will he be able to return there?  I think a lot depends on the report that will be released and how bad it looks on the Dolphins.  Incognito is older at 30 and has recently reached the Pro Bowl.  On the field I think he can help more than Martin would to any team.  And we know the Washington Redskins can use help at four of the five offensive line spots.

We have to see how it plays out also with Gruden’s offensive vision from for the line.  He inherits the Shanahan style smaller more athletic interior lineman so Incognito would be a change if Gruden and Allen want to go that route.

Incognito should be an upgrade over the two Washington interior guards but is he worth the distraction similar to what Martin would bring?

I don’t think he is.  Factor his troubled history once again combined with craziness that is Ashburn and it shouldn’t mix.  I would take a pass on Incognito also.  Take my chances on another free agent, the draft or even giving Adam Gettis a chance.

I just think the current Washington situation would not be good for either of these guys.  They need to go to a more stable team or find situations with coaches that are familiar with them.  That is not the current Redskins.



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