Looking at the Positives from Washington Redskins Offseason

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Last week I was very negative on the Redskins and what the organization has done post season and post Mike Shanahan.  So I thought it would be fair to try and come up with some positives as we head towards the off season.  Although I find myself also finding negatives from these positives.

    NFL: AUG 12 Preseason - Steelers at Redskins

1. As much as I disagree with the selection of defensive coordinator in Jim Haslett I am very intrigued by the promotion of Sean McVay to offensive coordinator.

The buzz around and about McVay from coaches and players is very positive.  I am not concerned about his age also.  I do wish that he was given the shot to call plays so that Jay Gruden to concentrate on coaching especially being a first time head coach.  Norv and Zorn both were adamant about calling plays their first time as a head coach and it didn’t work out well.  Obviously the future of the franchise relies on McVay and Gruden’s work with Robert Griffin and his development.  That could make or break both of these guys in Washington.

2. An obvious positive for the franchise is how they sit going into the offseason with the salary cap.

The Shanahan era didn’t end up well but at least the Redskins sit pretty now.  Bruce Allen said he will be active in free agency which is no surprise to anyone around after three years of being limited.  I think a positive having all the cap room gives them the opportunity to put off a decision for now on their biggest free agent Brian Orakpo.  Franchising Orakpo takes up a lot of the space they will have but would not crush them.  They could wait a season on Orakpo and still add other parts easily.  Or by franchising Orakpo, you also open up the potential for a trade as well compared to just losing him for nothing.  What do I expect the Redskins to do?  Go crazy with 5 and 6 year deals for guys like Aqib Talib and quickly use up the space they have made.  Not a positive.

3. The Redskins will be picking at the top of every round of the draft except for the first.  That hurts but we knew it was coming.

Even losing the first rounder allows Washington to still get two potential early contributors in the draft at the top of the 2nd and 3rd round.  I think that Washington also has a potential to use their high second and turn into a lot more.  Quarterbacks not seen as sure franchise guys seem to go a lot of times early in the second round.  Since there will be a lot of teams behind the Redskins who will be looking quarterback it could be wide open come the start of the second round. Maybe the can slide down a few picks and add another 3rd rounder or even a 2015 1st or 2nd rounder?  The kind of moves that other teams used to pull on Vinny Cerrato.  Allen and his boys need to be open to these opportunities.

4. We can’t be picked for Hard Knocks!

The country already knows how dysfunctional Ashburn is so it is good that the NFL cannot pick Washington since we have a new coach.  Add to that Jay Gruden is not interested and it is a lock they won’t find their way to HBO.  And if they did do Hard Knocks Redskins is would be pretty boring now that Chris Cooley is retired.  Griffin would be boring, Haslett boring, Gruden probably annoying.  It wouldn’t be fun other than the 2 minutes they do about Alfred Morris‘ car.  Everyone would be into it just to see how much of a role Danny has but it’s a lock he wouldn’t be in it at all.  He won’t do interviews so I am guessing he wouldn’t show his face on Hard Knocks either.  HBO and its viewers don’t need the Redskins on Hard Knocks.



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