Back-up Quarterbacks the Redskins Could Target in Free Agency

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Say it ain’t so, but it could be the end of an era in Washington as Rex Grossman may no longer be in the Redskins plans for 2014 with the Shanahan’s out in DC. The Redskins are going to have to find a third quarterback, and if a trade materializes for Kirk Cousins that guy could quickly become the number two guy. Given Robert Griffin III‘s injury history, this is a position the Redskins need to take seriously. While they could look to draft a late round guy (particularly if they trade Cousins), they should have a capable veteran to step in case Griffin goes down. Here are the top 5 options the Redskins could consider this offseason:

1. Shaun Hill, current team: Lions-

-Hill is arguably the best back-up quarterback in the league, and has shown himself to be capable of putting up solid numbers and running the offense when asked to. He’s the type of guy who could still keep his team winning even if he’s playing for an extended time. He’s also a guy who’s been around awhile and could give some good insight to a young quarterback like RGIII. He played at Maryland in college so he’s got some local ties as well. He’s older (34), so he’s probably looking for a 1-3 year deal to be a back-up before he retires.

2. Chad Henne, current team: Jaguars-

-Henne clearly isn’t a good starting quarterback, but he’s got plenty of starting experience over the years with 50 career starts. Yes the numbers are poor (more interceptions than TD’s), but in a back-up role he is a pretty decent option. He knows the league and has been in a variety of systems throughout his career. He’s a guy the Redskins know they can turn to and he’s at least capable of running an offense. He shouldn’t be too expensive, though he will likely get consideration from a couple teams for the back-up role.

3. Matt Flynn, current team: Packers-

-Flynn maybe is just a system quarterback, but the fact is that now twice he’s proven to be an effective back-up Quarterback for the Packers and has stepped up when Green Bay has needed him. Flynn struggled in Oakland (though who hasn’t), so he’s not really going to be viewed as a starting option, but as a back-up he should be interesting option on the market. The Redskins would at least have a guy who’s trained in one of the best offenses and has on multiple occasions stepped in and played well.

4. Tarvaris Jackson, current team: Seahawks-

-Jackson is not going to be viewed as a starting option by many teams, and will likely have to settle for a back-up role. He’s another guy with a good amount of starting experience and he’s a mobile guy who can add value with his legs if Griffin were to go down. It could allow the Redskins to maintain a similar offense if Griffin were out for an extended period of time.

5. Josh Freeman, current team: Vikings-

-Freeman’s fall from a first round “Franchise” quarterback to a guy who can’t beat out a struggling Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel. He’s still very young and could try to rebuild his reputation as a back-up for a year and hope that he can get a starting look in 2015. The Redskins might not be his top choice for this type of role as there isn’t a spot to compete for. He could though see Griffin as an injury risk, and Jay Gruden as a bright young offensive mind to work under. The Redskins though may not want to bring in Freeman after some of the media circus he had around him in Tampa and Minnesota.

5 Other Names to watch: (with interesting reasons to bring them in)

Rex Grossman- Hey even with his good friend gone, he could still be needed in Washington

Luke McCown– Well his brother panned out as a good back-up so Luke must be able to do that as well.

Colt McCoy– Between Griffin and  McCoy the Skins will have cornered the market on award winning QB’s from Texas.

Jimmy Clausen– Hey the Skins almost went with him in Shanny’s first year, maybe he’s worth a look.

Pat White– Too soon?

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