Redskins Weekly Recap – Thoughts on Meriweather, Griffin, Reed & More

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Weekly thoughts on Redskins news & updates:


Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

1.  Always the discussion starts with Robert Griffin and his progress from the first month.

We have to be encouraged by the way Griffin is playing and how the offense looks much more in tune especially in the run game.  Griffin struggled with accuracy in Dallas but was much better versus Chicago.

It helps that Jordan Reed has exploded on the scene to give him a legit second option after Pierre Garcon.  If this team is going to get back in the mix Griffin with have to lead it there as many already know that.   Finally hitting a big one downfield even though Tillman misplayed it was a huge step to get back to the 2012 elusive offense.


2.  No surprise to me that Brandon Meriweather was suspended by the league for multiple helmet leading hits this week.

He just does not get it and as we discuss every week the 15 yarders are killers every time.  I will not miss seeing him out there even though we are extremely weak at safety and going up against Denver.  I just can’t take the hits, the penalties and the overall lack of production from Meriweather.

Parks had it right when he said that Meriweather has to in the red for the season after the weekly fines.  He may be their best option at safety but everyone sees why the “former pro bowler” was dumped by New England and Chicago.


3.  As mentioned before it has been huge that Jordan Reed has become a major target in the offense.

So far it looks like the only thing that can stop him are minor injuries as he seems to get shaken up a lot.  I have to admit I questioned the drafting of another tight end in the 3rd round but he has been a great find.

Reed’s emergence pretty much looks like the end of the Fred Davis era in DC.  I lobbied for Davis to be brought back to see if he and Griffin can make it happened.  Well, it didn’t happen and Reed has made Davis a healthy inactive.  I will be shocked if the Redskins are able to get something for Davis before next week’s trade deadline.  I look for him to just be insurance in case something happens to Reed and another former Redskin from that famous Vinny draft.


4.  I am actually in Dallas this week and am amazed but what I am hearing on all 3 of their sports radio stations.

At 4-3 it is fair to say Dallas is the front runner to win the NFC East but these guys are talking 11 wins and a guaranteed 6-0 division mark.  It is funny how a home win versus the Skins and a win at Philly have them rolling down the stretch now.

I also found it funny how much they talk about how a bunch of no names are leading this team especially on defense after one strong performance against Philly’s backup quarterback.  Sunday will be a great test at Detroit for the Cowboys as they face Megatron and I just have a feeling they will be brought back to reality quick.  This division is bad but it is far from over.



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