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With the suspension to Brandon Meriweather the Redskins will have an open roster spot for the next two weeks. For the most part I’d use it on a safety considering just how thin that position is. Here are some of the top options (in no particular order):

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

1. Sign Chase Minnifield off the Practice Squad:

-Now this would be the one potential non-safety option the Redskins should consider. While he can’t really help at safety, he’s a guy who can help your coverage in general. E.J. Biggers will likely be forced back there, meaning he isn’t an option at corner, so Minnifield can fill his role there. Jerome Murphy is more of a special teamer so Minnifield can take the 4th CB role on defense. Given that these next two games are against the Broncos and Chargers the Redskins probably will be looking to have more corners on the field anyways. This could be a nice two week tryout for Minnifield to see if he should stick for the rest of the season.

2. Sign a player off another Practice Squad:

-This could be easier said then done. Typically players will jump at the chance to be on the active roster, but if they think it’s only a two week tryout they may decide to stick with their current team. Now obviously you can sell them on competing with guys like Trenton RobinsonJose Gumbs and Bacarri Rambo for that roster spot, but it still might not be the easiest sale. Also, anyone off another practice squad isn’t going to do much to help these next two weeks.

3. Re-sign Jordan Pugh:

-One of the more obvious options is re-signing Jordan Pugh whom the Redskins just cut. He has been with the team for about a year so he knows the defense. He’s also worked with most of these guys in camp (and Doughty some last year). The problem is he’s also gotten beaten out by Gumbs and has done little in his career to warrant a spot. This would be a last resort sort of move.

4. Sign Nate Clements:

-Clements would be the top option for the Redskins as he’s got plenty of experience and is extremely versatile. Now he would be more than a 2 week option, but the Redskins could easily make room when Meriweather’s suspension is over. The real question is does Clements want to come back at this point and is he in shape.

5. Sign Corey Lynch:

-Lynch has been around the league and played solidly wherever he’s landed. He’s got three years working under Morris in Tampa, and is still a pretty young player. Lynch is also known as a good special teams guy and would definitely improve the depth of this safety unit. Another benefit is he played for the Chargers last year so he’s got a couple games worth of experience on Peyton, and also knows Philip Rivers from practicing against them.

6. Sign Sherrod Martin:

-Martin has always had some potential, but he was coming off a bad year in 2012 and and ACL injury. It’s unclear how he’s recovered from the injury, but if he checks out healthy he could be a nice pick up with some solid experience.

7. Sign Cody Grimm:

-Grimm is the son of former Redskins great Russ, and grew up in Northern Virginia. He also played for Morris in Tampa so their is some familiarity there. He would be an immediate boost to the special teams and should help out at safety as well. He’s had plenty of injury issues in his young career, but when he’s been on the field he’s played well and earned playing time in Tampa (Tanard Jackson‘s issues helped out there as well).

8. Sign Tom Zbikowski:

-Zbikowski served a 4 game suspension to start the year, but now that is over he is free to sign. Zbikowski has plenty of experience with the Ravens and Colts over the years. He’s not a 16 game starter (though who is among the Redskins safeties), but he could definitely start the next two weeks if needed. He also would be an upgrade on special teams where he’s been a standout in the past. In addition to excelling on coverage units he’s even returned some punts and kicks in the past and would probably be an upgrade over Morgan.

9. Sign Amari Spievey:

-Spievey has had some legal issues in the past, but he’s a versatile CB/S, who would probably be a decent fit at free safety for the Redskins. He’s a guy worth taking a look at, but he’s probably lower on the priority list here.

10. Sign Chris Hope:

-Hope is a veteran free safety who has been in the league for quite some time. Given all his experience he should be able to adjust quickly to what the Redskins are doing on defense. He’s likely lost a step or two these last couple of years, but he is probably more trustworthy than what the Redskins can trot out there.

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