Let’s Start Discussing Shanahan’s Future in Washington

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What does Shanahan’s future in Washington hold? The next 11 games will tell the story.

Time to debate the big man and the discussion of his future and more importantly the eventual decision will affect the franchise.  Mike Shanahan is in the fourth year of a five year contract, which once again like last year when the Redskins were at 3-6, puts us into the debate on whether or not he will be the coach long term.

Most think that Shanahan and Snyder would not want to go into a fifth season without an extension as a so-called “lame duck” year.  Obviously the next 11 games will determine where Dan Snyder goes with Mike Shanahan as both head coach and Team President.  I really think many will debate this decision thinking of Shanahan the head coach and not Shanahan the Team President.  This potentially could be a huge decision which could set the Skins back to the pre-Shanahan days.

Although I am not thrilled with the 1-4 start and the losing record Mike Shanahan has as head coach, I am far from rushing to push him out the door, especially as the Team President.  Say Snyder makes a move and Shanahan is not retained after the season.  Maybe Snyder is able to go out and get a better head coach from the many candidates out there.  We can talk Cowher, Gruden, Shaw, Sabin, etc. all day but where would that leave us upstairs?  And what if they went Zorn-like with an unproven assistant?  Most likely that would move Bruce Allen into more of a personnel role that Mike Shanahan obviously covered the past four years.

And what I don’t like and scares me is that we could be looking at another Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder situation even though Allen has a better track record than Vinny.  But I could see him allowing Snyder once again to have say that Shanahan has not.  Everyone knows that Washington will be a much better position next off season when it comes to the salary cap and Snyder would not pass on that opportunity to make noise again like in the past.  Many can question what Mike Shanahan has done on the sidelines but 99 out of 100 have to agree they would want him making the calls on how to spend in free agency and draft decisions over a potential return of Snyder possibly working with Bruce Allen.

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One thing is for sure, we don’t want this guy running our organization again.

These last eleven games are huge for Mike Shanahan.  Good thing for him is that Dan Snyder has showed patience with him so far during his tenure.  Shanahan came into a mess when he took over the reigns in DC and has done a solid job cleaning up the mess left by the past decision makers.  Snyder has to see that.  Even at 1-4 due to the horrible NFC East the season is far from over as I could see 8-8 or even 7-9 winning this thing.  But Shanahan clearly has to turn this thing around and also get on the same page as his quarterback who based on his buddy/buddy relationship with the owner looks as if he could have a say on Shanahan’s future.

There is just too much right now that could potentially go wrong if at seasons end if Shanahan is out and the wrong guy is brought in to coach.  I don’t want to go where Dallas is with Jerry Jones as owner and general manager where any strong coach is never going to be willing to accept an owner who has way too much say in the players.

Maybe this debate would be best to wait a couple months to see where we are at with Shanahan, Griffin, the defense, etc.  But it’s already out there and will continue to be out there.  I just think we should not rush to judgment on Shanahan the coach until we and the Redskins look at the whole picture of what he brings to the organization.  Its Dan Snyder’s call and I am not sure if that scares me or not right now?



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