Redskins Roster Thoughts: Week 4

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Here is a round-up of quick roster thoughts pertaining to this week and perhaps going forward for the Redskins:

-Using FB Darrel Young More:

Last year Young was involved in almost 35% of the offensive snaps, so far this season he’s been on the field for only 22% of the snaps. If the Redskins want to get their ground game going, getting Young on the field would be a great way to start. He’s such an effective lead blocker and can even be used for some FB runs to mix it up. With Jordan Reed likely out this week, and Fred Davis probably limited, this is the perfect opportunity to get back to basics and have Young on the field more. In addition to his blocking prowess, the Redskins should utilize him with a couple runs and targets this week. He’s likely not someone the Raiders are spending a lot of time game planning for, so using him in some different sets could lead to confusion.

-Running Roy Helu Jr :helufull

Helu has played a large number of snaps due to how often the Redskins are in pass first mode. While he’s done a nice job as a personal protector for Robert Griffin III and as a receiver, what we haven’t seen from him so far is really his rushing ability. Given how hard the Redskins have found it to run consistently this year, adding a change of pace back to the mix could help open some things up. Not only should they run him some times from their 3rd down passing sets, but also as a more traditional runner as well. The Redskins need to get back to getting their passing attempts under 30 a game, so adding runners to the mix is key for keeping the run game fresh.

-Get Santana Moss on the Field More:

Moss has been nearly as effective as Pierre Garcon on a per snap basis for the Redskins, and the team has to get him on the field more. That is even more true with some injuries at the top of the TE position. Right now Garcon, Moss and Hankerson are the most effective group of receivers, and the Redskins should do as much possible to get at least two on the field at all times. Josh Morgan still deserves some snaps, but Aldrick Robinson hasn’t done anything special during his time on the field so far this year. He had the chance for a big play against the Lions and he couldn’t complete the catch. The other thing the Redskins need to do is use Moss on some running plays. Right now he’s too often playing only when it is a passing play. That will start to really tip off opposing defenses, and should be something they look to balance.

-Rotate the Defensive Ends:

Barry Cofield is getting the job done in the middle, but no one else along the line is really playing at a positive level at this point. With that in mind the Redskins should rotate their ends more frequently in the hopes that them being fresher will give them an advantage over the offensive line. Also with rotating them more, perhaps the Redskins can find the right combination that works this week.

-Keep subbing more and more for London Fletcher:

Fletcher continues to be a weak spot on defense, so the idea that he’s not out there for 100% of the defensive snaps is a good thing. Not only does it mean an improvement on those snaps when he’s not out there, but by resting some he should be able to meaningful snaps himself in the game. It’s far from a perfect solution, but it is what is best for the team right now.

-Keep Rambo out for the most part:

Rookie safety Bacarri Rambo has struggled quite a bit and was benched last week. I would continue that for the most part this week, though maybe sprinkle him in for a couple plays. Let Meriweather play more free safety and have Doughty in at strong safety. This should improve the Redskins run defense which is key going into this game versus Oakland.

-Abandon the three cornerback base look:

The Redskins have run three corners almost exclusively through the first three weeks based on the teams they were facing. But now versus a more traditional Oakland offense the Redskins need to match-up accordingly, and have their base look with two safeties. That would mean fewer snaps for David Amerson, but that is a good thing as he’s had back-to-back weeks with some major struggles. Having him play a more limited role is for the best and the two safety approach should help stop the run more.

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