Redskins Recap: 5 Takeaways from Redskins Loss to Lions

Washington Commanders Washington Redskins Post Game Recap

Here are my top 5 takeaways from another ugly Redskins loss at home on Sunday against the Lions:


1.  This game was horrible, and like many of you I have plenty to destroy the 0-3 Redskins about.  Not only was it a bad loss at home but the way they lost makes it worse.      griffinnew

The stupidity of this team kills me.  First, Griffin changed the game with a huge fumble when he dove forward instead of sliding.  I am happy he went down but to fumble was inexcusable.

I don’t know why Joshua Morgan was put in to return kickoffs and it cost them by returning a kickoff that was 8 yards deep.  Why?  Finally, the other game changer was the overturned touchdown drop by Aldrick Robinson.  Washington finally did go deep but Robinson dropped a sure TD.  At least he was able to get his dance on.

And what was with that Hail Mary?  Griffin threw it to the side he had Garcon and like 5 Lions?  Perfect ending to a horrible game.


2.  When are we going to stop talking penalties with this team?

It happens week after week and now the Lions are even laughing at us!  Crucial penalties at crucial times which either derail the offense or keep the defense on the field.

Even London Fletcher is getting them, even though that call was debatable.  And the game was pretty much ended on Niles Paul getting a penalty for grabbing the onside kick nowhere near 10 yards.  Not sure what can be done, but Shanny needs to find out what can be.


3. Once again the opposing offense had its way most of the day with the Redskins defense.  dhall

Stafford, Bell and Megatron put up big numbers much like the past two weeks.  And for all the  talk of ‘wait until Brandon Meriweather and Brian Orakpo comes back it will all be different’, is far from the truth.  If Meriweather isn’t torpedoing the opponent of his teammates head first, he is missing tackles.  The tackling is as awful as the Washington safety play in 2013.

That being said Ryan Kerrigan has been maybe the lone star on this defense.  Maybe Orakpo’s return has helped, but Orakpo needs to be more of a force he thinks that he is.  Or this defense is doomed. Even though Calvin Johnson had a big game I do think DeAngelo Hall had a good game including his second touchdown.


4. As for the offense I was happy to see them attempt a deep ball to Robinson.

It was a great call, great throw but Robinson couldn’t bring it in.  Finally it was something that reminded me of last season.  Morris was very good once again even though they need to get in situations where he can carry more.

Griffin’s fumble when the ground tackled him was bad, but his interception may have been worse.  What made Griffin special as a rookie and the Skins a playoff team last season was that he didn’t turn it over.  Suddenly, now we have Mike Vick without the explosiveness.


5.  Is the season over?

Not yet, but at this time next week it could be.  Even though the team was 3-6 a year ago and responded. Can you expect a turnaround like that two years in a row? But this was supposed to be the easy part of the schedule and it has been a nightmare so far.

And Oakland has been much better than we thought. Washington needs to go there and win big next week.  Or maybe Mike Shanahan starts to feel the hot seat.  And a fourth poor defensive effort could be the beginning of the end for Jim Haslett.

And remember for those out there who think it’s time to tank the season, we do not have a 2014 1st rounder.  Nothing is going right these days.



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