5 Things the Redskins Can Do to Help RGIII

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With Robert Griffin III still recovering his mechanics and timing after his offseason ACL surgery, the Redskins could do a number of things to help him out to ease his transition back to normal. Here are the 5 top things they should be doing:


1. Run the football and don’t give up on it early:

-The Redskins are built to be a run first team, yet the last two weeks they abandoned the run early on. This was due to two reasons: one the run wasn’t very effective and two the Redskins got down early. The first reason while valid also applies directly to the passing attack.

The Redskins passing game has simply been awful early in these games, so why are the Redskins trying to double down on throwing the football. If you stick with the run it has a better chance of being effective, and it’s not putting undue pressure on a quarterback who is rusty.

As for getting down early, that explains why the Redskins are throwing the football so much the 2nd half, but not the first half. Last year when the Bengals got up early on the Redskins, Washington ran the ball to get back into the game. Running the football sets up so much of this offense, that to abandon it is just asking to put Griffin in a bad place.


2. Utilize more screens and quick slants:            griffinstruggles

-These were the bread and butter plays of the Redskins last year, and a big part why they were so successful on offense. This year we’ve barely seen them, yet we wonder why RGIII can’t get into a rhythm. Now not all screen passes will produce 45 yard gains like the one to Pierre Garcon on Sunday, but most of them will produce 4-7 yards which can help move the chains and get RGIII comfortable.

With utilizing more shorter passing, Griffin won’t have to hold the ball as long to read opposing blitzers.  Also these throws aren’t as predicated on proper footwork. The Redskins will of course have to mix it up some, but if DB’s start playing in tighter to defend these passes the Redskins can hopefully find an opening elsewhere.


3. Move the pocket:

-Griffin and the Redskins offensive line are seeing a lot of pressure up the middle and it is having a significant impact on their passing game. The Redskins need  to go back to the Mike Shanahan basics and utilize more rollouts and bootlegs in this offense. There are of course drawbacks like halving the area in which you can safely throw the ball, but it should get Griffin away from pressure and allow him to set his feet better.


4. Max Protect More:

-The Redskins don’t necessarily like to do this, but with Griffin facing more blitzes and unable to get away from them, the Redskins have to help him out. They need to keep one or two backs or tight ends in there to at the very least chip the defenders if not help out in the blocking. This may limit Griffin’s options down the field, but it will give him precious time to get the ball away. It’s not the most ideal situation, but it is something that is going to be more necessary from time to time.


5. Defense and Special Teams need to step up:

-Last year the Redskins won in spite of their defense and special teams, due to their high powered offense. This year the Redskins can’t rely on the offense the same so they need the defense and special teams to do their part. They don’t need to carry the team, but they can’t simply keep making the mistakes their making.

They have to give Giffin better field position to start, and try to limit the score somewhat. That is not saying they need to shut out opposing teams, but hold them to more field goals, maybe get a turnover. If they don’t pick up their games, Griffin will continuously be playing from behind and have to drive 85-90 yards for a score, not exactly a winning combination.



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