Redskins Check List Week 2: How did they do with their Keys to the Game

Washington Commanders

Here is a recap of how the Redskins fared in meeting their Key’s to the game and Stats they needed to change

Key’s to the Game:

1. Get Griffin Going Early: Major Failure

-The Redskins did utilize a few easier passes early on, but it still couldn’t get Griffin in rhythm. And while they tried a couple of the screen passes (including the one highly successful one to Garcon), they were too few to really make an impact. As a result Griffin was just 6 for 13 in the first half with an interception. The Redskins didn’t convert a single 3rd down in the first half, and they were now in a 24-0 hole.

2. Establish the Running Game and Use it Heavily: Major Failure

Alfred Morris did end up with over 100 yards but it wasn’t a run heavy game for the Redskins. And early in the game when the Redskins needed to establish drives and keep Rodgers off the field, the running game struggled. In the end the Redskins only had 17 carries and that doomed their chances for success.

3. Dial Up the Pressure: Moderate Success

-Early on this looked to be a major success as the Redskins had three sacks in the first couple of drives and forced a couple of incomplete passes due to pressure. Unfortunately it really died down and Rodgers got rushed a couple more times, but really wasn’t under much duress for the rest of the game.

4. Got to Stop the Penalties: Major Failure

-The Redskins were sloppy all over committing 7 accepted penalties, including three personal fouls. This resulted in 78 yards of free yardage for the Packers and 38 more than they gave the Redskins. This was very costly throughout the day and really turned the field position battle a couple of times.

5. Don’t Play for the Field Goal: Minor Failure

-The Redskins did try 50 yard field goal that was well off target. Other times they either punted or went for it in situations where they would typically take field goals. One time they decided to punt it rather than take a 51 yarder and it backfired when they got a personal foul penalty, giving the Packers just an 8 yard difference from the Redskins LOS. Another time the Redskins went for 4th and 5 instead of trying a 46 yarder and it was intercepted (likely if it was caught it wouldn’t have succeeded in getting the first either).


Stats They Need to Change:

1. Throw the Ball less than 30 Times: Major Failure

-The Redskins threw the ball 40 times, going well over the 30 mark which has typically led to losses in the past. It’s no surprise that once again the Redskins ended up with L in the win-loss column. Redskins are now 10-26 when throwing the ball 30 or more times under Mike Shanahan.

2. Win Time of Possession: Minor Failure

-The Redskins lost the time of possession battle 32:29 to 27:21. It wasn’t a major loss, and it was hardly the reason why Washington lost this game. What was more troubling was the fact that the Packers sustained more drives, they just ran their players quicker and picked up more yards.

3. Win Turnover Battle: Tied

-The Redskins did fail to actually win the turnover battle, but they at least didn’t lose the turnover battle. The Redskins turnover though was more costly than the Packers, since they needed the potential score more.

4. Win Field Position Battle: Minor Failure

-There ended up only being a two yard difference in average field position, but it did hurt the Redskins especially hard in the first half, where they never got the football beyond the 20 yard line. This led to four punts an interception and a kneel down to end the half.

5. Red Zone Efficiency: Major Success

-This was one area the Redskins were really good as they were 3 for 3 inside the Red Zone. The main issue was they were only in the red zone those three times.

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