5 Observations from Redskins Week 1 Preseason Game

Washington Commanders Washington Redskins Post Game Recap

1.  The Redskins have to feel pretty confident in Kirk Cousins going into the season.

Especially with the uncertainty of Robert Griffin being ready for the Eagles week one.  Cousins looked sharp moving the team down the field owning the Titans defense using play action.  Cousins knew what he wanted to do and got the ball sharply to his receivers.  I really liked the first third down conversion to Santana Moss in a tight fit.

Two to three years down the line someone is going to get a solid starting quarterback, just hope it’s an AFC team.  Also, I am confused why Griffin decided to go full uniform last night?  Is it his way of telling Shanahan he thinks he should be playing?  I hope not, I think they need to continue to move with patience.


2. As for Redskins quarterbacks the biggest post game debate is who should be the third quarterback, Grossman or White?    NFL: AUG 27 Preseason - Redskins at Jets

I did like what I saw from Pat White last night down the stretch but I am far from saying he should be the #3 going into week one.  Grossman struggled early and then finally took the team down for a scoring drive.

Before we bury Grossman for White I think there is one major issue you must look at.  Come week one and Griffin is not active who do you really want as your #2 behind Cousins?  Grossman or White?  You can’t run the risk of having to play Pat White in a real NFL game right now.  More importantly I cannot see the Shanahans envisioning this situation as they seem to be Grossman guys.  Best case for Pat White is that RG3 gets back in time to start the season, Cousins backs up and then he could be on the roster as the #3 over Grossman.


3. As for the defense I am worried that the Titans ran all over the early Redskins defense but for now going to chalk that up as it’s a preseason game and hopefully it’s different once the season starts.

Although last time we saw the defense the Seahawks ran it down their throats for 3 quarters.  I really liked the early third down formation with Kerrigan as a down lineman and both Orakpo and Jenkins up to get pressure.  It worked and I think this being used regularly.

Orakpo was kind of wild out there in his return but I expect him to be fine come September.  A lot is going to made of Baccari Rambo’s first start and how struggled.  I am going to be patient and see what he does the rest of the preseason since we expect him to get plenty of action.


4. As for the rookie defensive backs David Amerson came ready to go from the start.

He should have picked Jake Locker on his first throw but we should be happy to see how quick he was able to recover after it looked like Kenny Britt had a step on him.  The Redskins took Amerson because he could make plays like these even though there were major concerns of him getting lost and getting beat but so far it seems like the coaches have gotten through to him.  Washington needs Amerson to contribute more than expected with the defensive line and safety concerns.

As for the corners, even though the Redskins don’t send Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes out there we are going to see a solid battle between Richard Crawford and Chase Minniefield to make the roster.  Maybe both guys find a way on, but for once the bottom of the roster will be talented.  Guys will be cut that other teams can use and may allow the Redskins to possibly acquire a future draft pick before releasing.


5. Finally something pretty meaningless since it is preseason.  I hope the Redskins stick with the gold pants this season.

And also with the white jerseys and gold pants combo.  I am guessing we can thank Bruce Allen for bringing this uniform selection back from his father’s days.  It looks cool.



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