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I was trying to think of who is the most underrated member of the Washington Redskins going into the 2013 season.  Someone who doesn’t get much talk like Robert Griffin III or Ryan Kerrigan, but comes out and does their job week after week without getting the same fanfare.

Will Montgomery came to mind, but I think he is starting to get the credit he deserves.  Maybe a guy like Reed Doughty who the fans have questioned for years, but has benefitted the team in many areas.

I decided to go a different route and look at someone on the coaching staff instead because I really feel he doesn’t get the credit he is due for his short time in DC and his 15 years in Denver.

What Assistant Head and Running Coach Bobby Turner has done in his time with Mike Shanahan in Denver and Washington could be considered as good as any position coach of his time.  In his 15 years in Denver, no team rushed for as many yards as the Broncos.  Shanahan’s scheme will get a lot of credit but Turner is seldom the forgotten man when we talk about the Terrell Davis’, Olandis Garys’, Clinton Portis’ and on down the line.     Willie Parker, Bobby Turner

When Turner is paired with Shanahan their teams are able to move the ball on the ground better than anyone.  But all we hear about is Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme, his one cut backs and how he finds late round gems and makes them 1000 yard backs.  I know Mike Shanahan though would be first to praise Bobby Turner for the coaching he has done and the development of the group of backs they have worked with.

As for Turner’s time in Washington it is no surprise that Turner and Shanahan have taken a poor running game they were left with and turned it into the best in the NFL in three seasons.  It started slow in year one when the Skins had to go with older veterans like Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson and then a bunch of randoms.  Year two gave them a chance to bring in a couple draftees in Roy Helu and Evan Royster and be the end of the season the Redskins looked like Shanahan and Turner’s running teams in Denver.  They did a great job working with these two backs and the Redskins running game improved.

What happened last season is why I think Bobby Turner is the most underrated member of the Washington Redskins on game day.  Washington already had both promising backs in Helu and Royster going into the preseason but as we all know a different running back took the ball and ran with it.

Alfred Morris turned from 6th round no name draft pick to a 1600 yard rookie running back.  Turner quickly developed a hard working guy in Morris into one of the league’s best.  Turner and Shanahan once again were at the top of the NFL team rushing yards stat.  Having Robert Griffin III obviously helped the cause but it was the fast development of Alfred Morris which led the way.  Just go to YouTube and watch his highlight video.

Now Turner and Shanahan look to add to the number one rushing offense this season.  Roy Helu looks to be back in the mix and ready to once again contribute.  And the Redskins added a couple new faces to try and add the big play element to their rushing attack.  Both Chris Thompson and Jawan Jamison should benefit from working with Coach Turner the next few weeks.

It will be interesting to see if one of both of those guys can do what Alfred Morris did a year ago.  All in all for Redskins fans we should be thrilled that Bobby Turner is part of this organization and hopefully he gets the credit he has earned for his work the past 18 years.



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