Predicting the Redskins Stat Leaders for 2013

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In the offseason down time I thought it would be fun to make predictions on who will be the Redskins statistical leaders in the following categories, also I will mention who I see as the runner up. Some will be a bit more obvious, but others could be more interesting.

Passing: Yards, TD’s, Completions

Rushing: Yards, TD’s, Carries

Receiving: Yards, TD’s, Catches

Defense: Sacks, Tackles, Interceptions

Kick-off Return: Yards, Returns

Punt Return: Yards, Returns

Passing: Yards, TD’s and Completions: Robert Griffin III leader, Kirk Cousins runner-up

-This doesn’t have much mystery given that even if Cousins were to start 4-6 games, Griffin would start the lionshare and trump all of Cousins numbers. Though it would be unthinkable to Redskins fans, if Cousins were to start half and Griffin half, I think we’d likely see Cousins win both in yards and touchdowns as they are likely to throw more with him under quarterback. Griffin would likely still edge him out in completions due to his higher completion percentage.

Rushing: Yards, TD’s, Carries: Alfred Morris leader, Jawan Jamison runner-up

-No surprise of course with who the leader is in these categories, but the runner-up will likely surprise. Though I believe that Roy Helu Jr. will initially have the back-up running back job, I think Mike Shanahan will eventually turn to Jamison. He’s a really good zone runner, who is really tough to bring down. I think it will be close with Helu and Chris Thompson getting some chances as well, but Jamison will edge them out. One category that could go to someone else as the runner-up could be rushing TD’s as FB Darrel Young may be called upon some short yardage situations. The real wild card could be RGIII, last year he was a major rushing threat, but coming back from an injury he’s likely to be more limited and not running as much.

Receiving: Yards- leader Pierre Garcon, runner-up Joshua Morgan; TD’s-leader Santana Moss, runner-up Garcon; Catches-leader Garcon, runner-up Morgan

-This category has a lot more interesting options. Garcon should definitely be the leader in yards and catches (though catches could be closer), but touchdowns could go in a number of different directions. Garcon will definitely get some TD’s after turning a 17 yard pass into a 40+ yard gain for a score, but he typically wasn’t targeted as much in or around the end zone. With the primary TE up in the air, and none of them true red zone threats, it wouldn’t shock me to see Moss lead in touchdowns again. He’s such a great precision route runner, and showed such a great versatility in his scores last year that it is likely he will continue to be a focal point in and around the end zone. The runner’s up in all the categories are a lot tougher to figure out. The Redskins really spread the ball around last year, and with both Fred Davis and Garcon dealing with some injury issues, that will likely occur some once again.

Defense: Sacks- leader Brian Orakpo, runner-up Ryan Kerrigan; Tackles- leader Perry Riley, runner-up London Fletcher; Interceptions leader Brandon Meriweather, runner-up DeAngelo Hall

-A lot of interesting choices for me on defense. Sacks I do feel are pretty straight forward as it is pretty likely going to be Orakpo and Kerrigan, or Kerrigan and Orakpo as the leaders and runner-up. I have faith that Orakpo will be back healthy and take the sack lead. Tackles are one that will likely draw some debate, but Riley was just 10 tackles behind Fletcher last year, and it wouldn’t shock me if we see Fletcher taking more plays off this year. We saw him take some snaps off last year, and I think we’ll likely see a rise in that department, especially if Keenan Robinson shows any promise. Interceptions is very much up in the air (no pun intended), as last season Fletcher led the team with 5 picks, and Rob Jackson tied Hall for the runner up spot. The Redskins added three of the interception leaders in college football over the past two years, in this draft class, but how much they play is up for debate. Brandon Meriweather is a guy who could get a fair amount of opportunities (assuming he is healthy), Hall has always been a guy who goes for INT’s so he should be in the mix as well, though it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t play as many snaps this season, as the Redskins could look to utilize their deeper CB roster to match-up better.

What do you think? Who do you see as the leaders and runner-ups in these categories?


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