Random Pre-Draft Redskins Thoughts

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By Staff Writer John Manuel:

Now that the free agency period has dwindled down I feel that the Washington Redskins did a very good job so far, even though they had a major obstacle to deal with.  I knew that the cap penalty was going to be an issue but was shocked on how bad it actually ended up.  Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen should be commended for at least getting them into a decent situation before incurring the second $18 million penalty.

The Redskins used free agency to hold onto most of their key free agents, unrestricted and restricted.  The one main loss was Lorenzo Alexander leaving for Arizona.  I think they will miss him but I am not devastated by the loss and Lorenzo had to do what was best for him.  The old Skins would have way overpaid to keep Zo and hurt the team in the long run.  But Shanny and Allen have been all about working good deals which won’t crush the team.

Two guys who had a chance to test free agency and ended coming back for modest deals were Fred Davis and DeAngelo Hall, which will bring up much debate.  As I have said in the past, I wanted Davis back for sure and I think the one-year deal he signed was very good.  If he can get healthy he will help this offense and the passing game.  I have been criticized for my support of Davis but when he is on the field he is the Skins 2nd best option in the passing game to Garcon.  This is Davis’ last chance and I think he will step up and make the most of it.

As for DeAngelo Hall.  I was very happy when the Skins decided to cut Hall.  I am not a big fan of his and never have been.  But I am fine with deal they struck to bring him back.  If it doesn’t work out come September, they can just let him go and no harm is done.  If he comes back and plays like week 17, it is a great deal for the Redskins.  I would have loved to see Antoine Winfield but that didn’t work out.  Hall at least gives them another corner that can play.  I will be interested to see what they get out of E.J. Biggers next season.  I am not expecting him to be Revis, but I think he should help.

The secondary is still a huge question mark and I expect them as most do to address both corner and safety in next week’s draft.  Especially since they are sitting without a legit option at free safety.  The good news is Shanahan and Allen’s draft track record in Washington has been very good.  Adding a franchise quarterback, should have been pro bowl running back, pro bowl left tackle and a pass rusher in the past three years.  Now it would be nice to have a cornerstone corner and a rock at the free safety spot for years to come as well.

Finally I still would like to see them add at least one more playmaker to the offense, preferably at the running back position.  Roy Helu hopefully comes back healthy and can help, but if he can’t I would like to see the Shanny mid to late round flyer used to address this.  Before I was hoping, just like Robert Griffin III was, that Reggie Bush would have an interest in Washington.  He didn’t and I think he made a mistake.  Yes, he got more money and most likely more playing time in Detroit but he had a chance to do special things in Washington with Griffin and Morris.  Bush should be financially set based on his NFL career and what he got at USC, so I didn’t think it was far off to think he could have played for low money in DC.  But that is his choice and hard for me to truly argue.

How would you grade Redskins free agency moves given their cap situation?



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