My Redskins Pre-Draft Scouting Report

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Here’s a list of prospects I think the Redskins need to seriously consider. I’ve included where they’re projected to fall in the draft, and why I think they’d look great in a Redskin uniform. I’ve also divided them into groups by where they’ll fall in relation to Redskins draft picks.

#42 – SS – Jonathan Cyprien – I think we’re more desperate for help at FS or CB, but Cyprien is a big hitter, and a playmaker, and would be a great value if still available at pick #51.

#49 – CB – David Amerson – He’s tall and long. He‘s one of the slower CB in the draft, but still has an impressive highlight reel.


#52 – FS – Eric Reid – He seems to relish the big hit. Sometimes at the expense of failing to wrap up the ball carrier and the occasional senseless penalty. Has been compared to Laron Landry (a household name for Redskins fans)

#54 – OL – Barrett Jones – I hate to spend an early round draft pick on an OL.  HOWEVER, since redshirting in 2008, Jones has started 49 of the past 53 games, earning action at right guard (25 starts), center (14 starts) left tackle (10 starts). He’s quick. He’s intelligent. He’s versatile. PS. He played his final game of his college career against Notre Dame with numerous torn ligaments in his foot. How’s that for being tough!

#55 – CB – Jordan Poyer – He’s big. He’s physical. He hits hard. He helps out in the run game. He’s got WR hands. He’ll most likely fall between our draft picks, but I would love to have him at CB.

#70 – FS – Phillip Thomas – 20 career turnovers. (13 interceptions, 6 caused fumbles, 1 recovered fumble) He had 8 interceptions last year, and returned 3 for touchdowns. Kid is the absolute best safety in the draft that NOBODY has heard of. Maybe because of playing in Fresno State?

#77 – SS – Shamarko Thomas – He plays like Sean Taylor. He wears Sean Taylor’s old #21. At 5-9, 213 pounds, he’s shorter then some coaches would prefer but he’s ALL muscle. He’s a pit bull with an unofficial 4.26, 40 yard dash.

#83 – CB – Tyrann Mathieu – I don’t like the idea of investing 2nd round pick on a pothead who has spent more time during the past year in police custody then on a football field. A 5th or 6th round pick, MAYBE. But he can’t expect to go this high (No pun intended) Nobody is that dumb. Not even on pot.


#89 – FS – Bacarri Rambo – He’s a turnover creating machine. Unfortunately he likes to gamble. He’s a high risk, high reward pick. Big hits. Big turnovers. Big plays getting burnt the other way as well. Like Mathieu, he has his share of off field issues.

#94 – TE – Travis Kelce – IF Fred Davis hits Free Agency running, I like the 6-5, 255 pound kid out of Cincinnati as his replacement. He’s big. He’s described as a ‘violent blocker’, but he moves well and has GREAT hands. I like the idea of RG3 having a big target down near the goal line.

#99 – FS – Tony Jefferson – 22 tackles for losses in 33 starts. Reliable tackler. He has good awareness and GREAT instinct. Diagnoses and closes on plays quickly.

#100 – CB – Blidi Wreh-Wilson – Zone coverage specialist with good hands. Floating between rounds, but if he falls to pick #116, he could be a great value.

#114 – FS – DJ Swearinger. – In college he played both zone and man coverage. He’s also played CB, FS, and SS. He’s a big hitting ball hawk, that can play any position in the secondary.


#117 – CB – Leon McFadden – He’s quick. He’s got great hands. He moves well with the WR through the route, never giving up on the play. Would have to use pick #116 to get him though.

#121 – ILB – Jon Bostic – CBS Sports ranks him as the 4th best ILB in the draft. If we could scoop him up with pick #147, he’d be a great value. Especially if he could spend a year learning from London Fletcher before the veteran retires. Once London Fletcher has been resigned, I think it will be the perfect time to start grooming his protege.

#122 – OL – Jordan Mills – Assuming we don’t address our OL concerns in Free Agency, having an extra option might not hurt. When it comes to corners and safeties, this was by far the weakest round.

#125 – OL – David Quessenberry – Assuming we don’t address our OL concerns in Free Agency, having an extra option might not hurt. When it comes to corners and safeties, this was by far the weakest round.

#132 – FS – TJ McDonald – Good speed for a “lights out hitter”. Covered slot WR, played ‘centerfield’ and blitzed in college. Aggressively attacks the line when he reads run.


#153 – RB – Kenjon Barner – 4.52, 40 yard dash.  A threat to score every time he touches the ball.  Shifty.  Finesse runner with excellent speed, both straightline and in and out of cuts.  Reliable hands out of the backfield and has experience as a return man.  Could be lightening to Alfred Morris‘ thunder.

#154 – FB – Lonnie Pryor – As a RB Pryor gained 2,281 yards and 20 touchdowns his senior year of high school. Bulked up to play FB, per coaches request. Gained 134 yards on just 5 carries in the 2012 Orange Bowl.


#155 – SS – Robert Lester – Good speed. Excellent ball skills. Closes on run plays and underneath pass routes very quickly.

#156 – CB – Terry Hawthorne – A 4.44, 40 yard dash, fluid footwork and a physical defender who doesn’t shy away from contact. Very physical. History of being injury prone.

#158 – FS – Josh Evans – Aggressive attacker and a sure tackler. A rare combination. Always trying to rip the ball out of the WR hands, even after the completion.

#160 – OL – Brennan Williams – Long arms and an athletic build. Relatively quick. A little rough around the edges. With good coaching, could be an eventual starter. Would be projected a little higher had he not missed the last 4 games of his senior year and the NFL combine with a torn labrum.

#170 – ILB – AJ Klein – Excellent diagnosis skills. Able read and react quickly. Not as athletic as some would like, yet he ended his college career tied with the FBS record, with 4 interceptions returned for touchdowns. Could be a bit of a sleeper. Might fall to #181?

#177 – CB – Josh Johnson – Physical in bump and run coverage. Excellent awareness. Good hands. Confident in man coverage. Often left on an island at Purdue. Not often fooled. Violent tackler and run defender, not afraid to undercut and out-physical a WR.


#192 – RB – Zac Stacy – 1,193 yards and 14 touchdowns his senior year. Injury prone (mostly small injuries) He’s not fancy. He’s not explosive. But he’s a good solid back. The kind Mike Shanahan could possibly turn into a pro bowl RB.

#197 – WR – Rodney Smith – 6-4, 225 pounds with a 34.5” vertical leap. If he plays as big as he is, he could turn into a stud. Especially inside the red zone.

#207 – WR – Denard Robinson – 4.43, 40 yard dash and a 36.5” vertical leap. He’s spent time at QB, RB, and WR. Willing to return kicks, and has even discussed playing CB. I WANT THIS KID IN A SKINS JERSEY. Him, RG3 and Alfred Morris in the backfield. Could be unstoppable. I’d be willing to spend pick #181 on Denard Robinson.


#213 – CB – Micah Hyde – 77 and 66 yard interception returns for touchdowns in 2010. I like his highlight reel. Good hands. Good speed. Good range. Could be a good insurance pick.

#217 – OL – Braden Brown – Long athletic frame. Ideal NFL tackle. His only downside is he’s a more impressive pass blocker then run blocker and we run the ball about 60% of the time.

#222 – WR – Marquess Wilson – Not quite as big as Rodney Smith, but quicker. Better hands. And he plays bigger then he really is.


#236 – WR – Brandon Kaufman – 6-5, 216 pounds. In 42 games, over 4 seasons, Kaufman recorded 221 passes for 3,731 yards, and 33 touchdowns. That’s almost 17 yards per catch. Besides his size, he has deceptive build up speed on deep routes and reliable hands, even with off target throws.

In conclusion…  I want David Amerson (CB) Barrett Jones (OL) Jordan Poyer(CB) and Phillip Thomas (FS)…  Unfortunately they are all projected to go within 20 picks of each other so the odds of landing even two of the four seem slim.

#51 – SS – Jonathan Cyprien – Though as said before, I would be okay with David Amerson (CB) Eric Reid (FS) Barrett Jones (OL) or Jordan Poyer (CB), but if Cyprien is available, he’s the best bang for your buck.

#84 – FS – Phillip Thomas – If he’s still available, I love this pick!

#116 –  CB – Leon McFadden – Though depending on the Fred Davis negotiations I might go with Travis Kelce (TE) and nab a CB or two later in the draft.

#147 – IRB – Kenjon Barner – Projected #153, but I like him a lot.  Don’t want to miss out on this guy.

#155 – OL – Brennan Williams

#181 – WR – Denard Robinson – I like Josh Johnson (CB) but Denard Robinson is too potent a weapon to let slip through our fingers.

#212 – CB – Micah Hyde – Though I like Marquess Wilson (WR) Brandon Kaufman (WR) and Rodney Smith (WR) as well.

These are just my two cents.  Worth exactly what you paid for them.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

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