Three Things the Redskins Should be Focused on this Offseason

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By Staff Writer John Manuel:

If I’m the Redskins front office, there are three main areas I’m focused on this offseason. Redskins have Salary Cap issues, which need to be addressed first. But which area do you think is the biggest need?

1- Secondary help

Not a surprise here since at times last season it was ugly.  And to be more specific I am looking at free safety as the most important position of need heading into next season.  Way too many times we saw Madieu Williams be a step late on a touchdown or long pass completion.  The Victor Cruz winning touchdown is the play everyone will most remember.

And I know this team is weak at the corners, but I think the combination of a true free safety and Brian Orakpo’s return will be a huge lift for the defense.  In house the only option could be DeAngelo Hall but I am against that.  First, Hall needs to be cut and only brought back to a much lower salary, which he says he is open to, but I really doubt it.  I think we overplay the whole corner to safety transition thing.  Ronnie Lott did it early and Rod Woodson late in his career but other than that it has not been that successful.  I would rather look to free agency or the draft for a new safety.

Jarius Byrd could be out there as an option.  He would clearly fit what the Skins needs.  Problem is he needs to make it to free agency, not be franchised and then the Skins would need the money.  One guy who everyone expects to be there is future hall of famer Ed Reed.  If he leaves Baltimore most see him in Indy or New England most likely.  I think if the Skins are interested in a more veteran star, Washington has been very “U” friendly and wouldn’t discount it.  We have seen younger and older players have burned us but Reed is still a difference maker.  And a solid singer.

2- Not a shocker but number two is obvious as well.  Washington needs to shore up its line with a legit right tackle upgrade over Tyler Polumbus.

Polumbus has filled in admirably the past two seasons but it’s time to upgrade.  If the Skins make a move on a safety in free agency then the second round pick is in play for that tackle.  But this is a rare offseason where there are a lot of tackles available in free agency and not jumping on that may be a mistake.  The key could be with the hope that the cap penalty is lessened but we cannot count on that.

There are plenty of big time left tackles out there who may reach free agency from former Shanahan pick Ryan Clady to Miami’s Jake Long.  With that position being a premier now many of these guys will see the franchise tag soon.  Branden Albert or Sebastian Vollmer could be a fit for the Skins but they will costly as everyone wants legit tackles.

Protecting Robert Griffin III has turned into huge focus after what happened last season and I can’t see Shanahan not looking to upgrade the right tackle position.  The Washington Redskins have a chance to become a consistent offensive juggernaut but to be this Griffin has to be out there.

3- Speaking of making this team an offensive juggernaut, I want to see some improvement is at the running back.

What?  Alfred Morris just ran for over 1600 yards as a rookie.  Morris was unreal last season but I think this team could get scary on offense with a solid compliment to Morris.  Morris is and will continue to be the feature back, but I would love to have someone who is more of a big play threat to add to this offense.  The good thing is that Shanahan has a knack for finding backs anywhere in the draft but I think this should be more of a priority than trying to hit on another 6th round gold mine.

Roy Helu should be back but it’s up to the Shanahans to determine if Helu can fit this role in the offense as more of a home run and receiving guy.  I am not sure of that.  I think this offense can be scary silly if they have that homerun threat in the backfield with RG3 and Morris.

Darren Sproles isn’t available but Reggie Bush looks to be.  At first thought I wasn’t for Reggie Bush but if his price isn’t high I think he could really help with his explosive at times abilities.  I am not sold that this would be a good move, but should be on the table.

Now if the Redskins are able to address both safety and right tackle in free agency and they are on the clock in the second round and the best player on their board is Kenyon Barner, I say jump at it.  Defenses are already on their heels facing the Skins offense and this could have them at a complete loss.  I know we may have bigger needs, but this is an offensive league and we have a treasure in Griffin and must continue to build off of that.



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