Redskins Cap Series Part 2: Redskins 2013 Restricted Free Agent Primer

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Restricted Free Agents:

TE Logan Paulsen, FB Darrel Young, DT Chris Baker, LB Rob Jackson (there is some confusion as to whether he is an RFA or UFA), LS Nick Sundberg, KR/WR Brandon Banks

2013 Tender Tags:

1st round: $2.879

2nd round: $2.023

Original Round/first refusal: $1.323

The case for each Player:

TE Logan Paulsen:

-Paulsen should at least get an original tender offer after a solid year as the Redskins top blocking tight end. Given their increased rushing attack, having a tight end who can be a strong blocker is a key component going forward. Paulsen probably isn’t a long term starter, but can be that guy for a year as the Redskins go through this cap penalty season. He will likely be tendered at the first refusal level, though given the Redskins cap constraints and the fact that he was undrafted, an enterprising team could look to sign him to a small overall offer sheet (i.e. 3 years $6.5 million) that is prohibitive to the Redskins. For instance, they could completely guarantee his first year salary and front load the contract, say $3 million in the first year, which would make it unlikely the Redskins would match the offer. With their tight end position so thin, the Redskins may consider tendering him at the 2nd round level to scare off other teams and ensure that Paulsen is part of the team next year. That $700k difference may be too much for the Redskins to justify, despite the risk of losing him.

Prediction: Redskins tender him at $1.323

FB Darrel Young:

-Like Paulsen, Young is guaranteed a tender offer by the Redskins. The only question is what level do they tender him. While many consider the fullback a dying breed, it could be making a comeback as a number of teams who still feature the running game need a quality guy at the spot. Though his market will be limited due to the number of teams that fit that category, Young could be a popular guy to poach for other teams with a lot of cap room. He has quietly established himself as one of the better fullbacks in the league and also earns high marks for his quality special teams play. A team like the Browns or Bengals (Bills, Buccaneers, Jags, Dolphins and maybe Colts also fit the bill), who have a ton of money to spend and could use a really good lead blocker and personal protector (to say nothing of Young’s offensive abilities), would make a lot of sense. Like with Paulsen, a team wouldn’t have to give up a draft pick, and could structure a deal to make it impossible to match. The Redskins really need to consider using the 2nd round tender here, or if they are smart they will negotiate their own long term (3 or 4 year) deal with Young that doesn’t hurt them too much versus the cap. They could even lower his first year salary below the original tender amount to save them a little money.

Prediction: Redskins offer him a tender at $2.023 (hopefully they sign him long term, but at worst the tender offer).

LB Rob Jackson:

-There is some question as to if Jackson will be designated a restricted free agent, but assuming he is, it should be an easy decision for the Redskins. He filled in pretty well as a role player when Brian Orakpo went down and is a great person to have around for depth. Though he didn’t offer much overall as a pass rusher, he was good in coverage and okay versus the run. As a back-up, he could carve out a nice place on this team. Though an original round tender would mean a team would have to give up at 7th round pick, his play warrants a 2nd round offer.

Prediction: The Redskins offer him a tender at $2.023

LS Nick Sundberg:

-Though there is little question the team wants to bring back Sundberg, there is little chance that they tender him an offer sheet. Even the original round tender offer would make him the highest paid long snapper in the league. That is unrealistic for the Redskins and they should instead look to re-sign him on their own terms. Whether it is just a one year deal or a longer term deal (a longer term deal may allow them to free up an extra couple hundred thousand in cap space), the Redskins should be able to land Sundberg for $700K (which would still make him one if the top 10 highest paid long snapper’s).

Prediction: The Redskins re-sign Sundberg to a $700k contract.

DT Chris Baker:

-Baker had a solid year as a back-up for the Skins, but that might not guarantee him a tender. He hasn’t shown much upside, and $1.323 is a bit too much for a guy who probably can’t give more than 250 snaps in a year. With Chris Neild under contract at less than half of the tender, it would make it easier to non-tender him. The Redskins though will probably look to negotiate a one year deal for less than the tender amount. While it will need to be at least partially guaranteed, it wouldn’t be fully guaranteed like the tender if they choose to cut him in August. While they may be able to get him for less, I would imagine that it would take between $800K and $1 million to bring him back.

Prediction: The Redskins re-sign Baker for $850K

KR/WR Brandon Banks:

-After another failed season of Banks as a return man and specialty player it is likely that the Redskins will finally give up on him. Not only is a tender offer not remotely in the works, the team should just move on from him and not even bring him back at the minimum.

Prediction: The Redskins part ways with Banks and don’t offer him a contract

Restricted free agent total: $6.919

How this impacts the cap:

The Redskins already needed to clear an extra $2.038 million to fill out their roster with the draft picks and the four minimum contracts counted in the previous post. That means the difference between bringing back these 5 guys at the rates I suggested and those five minimum contracts (I included the 7th rounder salary), is an extra $4.881 million that needs to be accounted for. Add that to the $8.346 million the Redskins already had to clear, and the Redskins now need to free up $13.227 million.

Overall Cap Overage: $13.227 million

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