Five Early Questions for Redskins Offseason

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By Staff Writer John Manuel:

Here are my top 5 questions for the Washington Redskins offseason at this point:

1- The most important question has to be the health of Robert Griffin III and when will be able to take field.

Unfortunately at this point we have no answer to this.  Could be the opener or it could be 2014?  We just don’t know and won’t know anytime soon.  If I had to guess and this is a complete guess, I would say best case in the week 6-8 area of 2013.

Good news is that Kirk Cousins will get plenty of work leading up to training camp and most likely will be the starting once they get to Richmond.  Even if Griffin is close to coming back I am not concerned if he gets limited work with the first teamers as much as Cousins will.  Griffin will just need to get into shape and I am not concerned with that.

Question for the offseason is does Rex come back or does Washington look to go another direction in free agency or the draft?  Knowing that coming here means the bench and a low chance of getting time, I don’t see anyone of decent name coming in.

2- The most important outcome of the offseason may be what happens with the $36 million cap penalty that was imposed on the Redskins last season.

Due to be hit with the 2nd $18 million hit this league year the Skins are still challenging the penalty.  Most think this is a no chance situation but I heard Adam Shefter say that some and possibly all the penalty may be overturned by the league.

For the 57th time I still cannot believe the actions of both the commissioner and the NFLPA on this.  Roger Goodell really played this one wrong and the Skins and Cowboys were screwed not only by the ruling but also how and when they decided to impose it.  What makes me more sick is that the NFLPA went along with it and took money from two franchises that actually pay their players and gave it to teams that don’t.  Pretty lame move by Demaurice and his crew.

3- Now if they Redskins are able to recoup cap room, will they be active?

There is nothing that tells me they won’t be.  The obvious place of need on the offensive side is right tackle.  As for right tackle, Tyler Polumbus has been OK at times but does give you what you need week to week at right tackle.

Good news is there is a boat load of tackles coming up in free agency.  I can’t see the Skins missing out on grabbing at least one there.  From top notch tackles like Ryan Clady to solid performers like Sebastian Volmer, there is a lot of talent there.  Many like Clady could be franchised but some will slip through.  It is a good year to have that position as a need.

If they strikeout in free agency, there should be some possibilities in the 2nd round to grab a tackle as well which would be a good question for draft guru Steve Shoup.  Roy Helu’s future is very questionable so I would expect Shanahan to look for a better option as a receiver out of the back field in either free agency or more likely in the middle of the draft.  Grabbing backs in the draft is his thing so expect it to be there.

4- As for the defensive side, there is one obvious place to look.

By the numbers you would think this team needs an overhaul of talent but I don’t see that happening.  I cannot see any major moves in the front seven based on who is already under contract.  As for the secondary you would have to think any of the four spots could change.

First and foremost the Redskins will have to find a free safety this offseason.  Most seem to peg that second round pick but I would first want to see what happens with Jarius Byrd in Buffalo.  I still wouldn’t count out Ed Reed either if he still wants to play after the Super Bowl and if Baltimore can’t afford him back.

I am pretty sure Josh Wilson will be one of the starters at corner but as for the other spot it is very questionable.  DeAngelo wants to come back but the Skins no way can pay him what he is slated to get.  He said he is willing to come back for less so the question is do they want to deal with DenAngelo’s act anymore?  He could come back as a 3rd corner or as a free safety but I feel the Skins need to upgrade at corner alongside Wilson.

Chase Minnefield is a wildcard coming off injury as well but that is far from a lock.  The team would benefit from the return of healthy Brandon Merriweather but his ability to stay healthy is a concern.

5- Final Question is who we may not see back in 2013.

Crazy I have gotten to #5 and haven’t mentioned Fred Davis.  I do think he will be back with this team because they seem to value what he can do very much.  Next up is Santana Moss.  I think they figure out a way to keep him around.  I think there are more questions about the futures of Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson than Moss.  If I had to guess all three are back though unless Washington makes a shocking grab on a guy like Bowe or Wallace.

Sorry but I can’t expect Chris Cooley to be back especially if Fred Davis is.  And if Davis isn’t then I figure the Skins would look for another tight end before bringing back Cooley.

Big question is what will London Fletcher do?  I was kinda shocked that he even mentioned retirement after the Seattle loss, but hope it’s not true.  Even a year older, he can still help this team.  Working in Keenan Robinson will most likely happen, but I don’t want to see Fletcher go out like this.


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