5 Teams that Could Make a Move for Kirk Cousins

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In Part 1, I looked at the reasons why and the value of Kirk Cousins on the trade market, in part two, I will look at five possible trade scenarios.

1. Kansas City Chiefs:

The Chiefs currently are set to have the first overall pick in April’s draft, but that isn’t a great thing if you desperately need a quarterback. Geno Smith could be the pick, but they would be reaching some for him, which does tend to back-fire. The Chiefs could look at waiting till the 2nd round and grabbing a guy like Tyler Wilson with that pick, but that isn’t the most ideal situation either. While either of those guys could start from day one, they aren’t locks and the Chiefs lack a viable option on their roster for a stop gap. The Chiefs could value grabbing an elite defensive talent with their top overall pick, and look to trade for Cousins to fix their quarterback needs.

The Trade: Chiefs trade their 2nd round pick, and RB/WR Dexter McCluster for Kirk Cousins. With such a high 2nd round pick, they won’t have to add much to get a deal done. Trading away one year of McCluster would probably be agreeable to both the Chiefs and Redskins. For Kansas City they use his value before he hits free agency, and the Redskins pickup McCluster who in addition to helping with returns, could be a very intriguing weapon in the slot and specialty packages with RGIII.

2. Arizona Cardinals:

The Cardinals have one of the best receivers in the league in Larry Fitzgerald, but he’s criminally under used given they don’t have a quarterback capable of getting him the ball. Arizona also has massive issues along the offensive line, and could use their 1st round pick to bring in a stud tackle like Luke Joeckel, Jake Matthews or Taylor Lewan. Instead of then spending their 2nd on a QB who won’t be ready they could opt for Cousins. Arizona has decent skill guys (when healthy) and a good defense. They just need to fix the line and quarterback positions for them to be a contender. Another benefit for the Cardinals, is unlike their situation with Kevin Kolb, they won’t have to pay a massive amount of money, making him more attractive than Kolb was. Arizona also wouldn’t need to sign a stop gap QB, allowing for even more money to go to fixing the line.

The Trade: The Cardinals trade their 2nd and 6th round picks, plus DL David Carter for Kirk Cousins. Arizona gives up their 2nd and a very promising young defensive linemen in David Carter. Carter is in his 2nd year, and has become a very good rotational NT (also plays some DE) in a 3-4 defense. Carter is very cheap and is under control for two more years, making him a pretty solid value. Though the 6th round pick is really just a throw-in, it represents an extra asset for the Redskins.

3. New York Jets-

Despite being in his fourth year in the league Mark Sanchez remains one of the worst starting quarterbacks. The Jets have Tim Tebow behind him, but he’s not a starting quarterback either, and isn’t even used properly. The Jets desperately need a quarterback, and picking in the middle of the round means they will almost definitely miss out on both the top 1st and 2nd round options. The Jets also guaranteed Mark Sanchez’s contract this year, in an effort to save money last year. With NY on the hook for over $12 million, it will be tough for them to sign a guy like Micheal Vick or Alex Smith.

The Trade: Jets trade their 2nd and 7th round picks in 2013 and 3rd round pick in 2014. Since the Jets pick will be more in the middle of the 2nd round, they will have to add more than some other teams, a 3rd round pick the following year should be enough to get the deal done.

4. Buffalo Bills-

The Bills are one of the more promising young teams in the NFL, but have disappointed due in large part to failures at quarterback. On offense Buffalo has one of the league’s best offensive lines, plus big time playmakers C.J. Spiller and Stevie Johnson, but just can’t put it all together. The Bills could use their first rounder to add another weapon like WR Keenan Allen, or a star defensive player.

The deal: Buffalo trades their 2nd round pick, DE Alex Carrington and a 5th round pick. In addition to the 2nd round pick the Redskins would pick up DE/DT Alex Carrington, who has become a nice rotational defensive lineman, who is pretty good at getting after the quarterback. The Redskins would improve their depth, and in particular their pass rush (a major need) next year, plus get a 2nd and 5th round pick.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars-

Though they just drafted a first round quarterback in 2011, Blaine Gabbert wasn’t drafted by the current coaching staff or owner. Jacksonville desperately wants to get out of the cellar of the AFC South, so they can hopefully start to increase their popularity among their fans. Trading for Cousins would allow the Jaguars to take one of the premier pass rushers at the top of the draft, to help improve the league’s worst pass rush.

The Trade: Jaguars trade their 2nd round pick in 2013 and 4th round pick in 2014. The Jaguars lack talent in the way to give back to the Skins so in addition to their high 2nd rounder, Washington could ask for their 4th in 2014.

What do you think of these deals? If offered would you take them for Cousins?

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