Where the Washington Redskins Stand After 12 Weeks

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By Staff Writer John Manuel:

How a few weeks have changed everything for the Washington Redskins.  A team that was just looking towards 2013 according to their head coach, is now right in the middle of a playoff race.  The Redskins are not only in the wild card race, but also in the division race if they can beat the Giants Monday night.

As for the wild card, wins over teams like Minnesota, New Orleans and Tampa Bay have them sitting in good shape.  Add to that a favorable closing schedule and the Skins have a chance to overtake the Seattle Seahawks for at least the second wild card.  Seattle’s fate could be determined based on the status of the their two starting cornerbacks who face league suspensions for banned substances.  Unfortunately, the Skins know the feeling to lose key players so this could be crippling over the last month for Seattle.

Two weeks ago the biggest question facing the Redskins future was that of its head coach.  Mike Shanahan looked shaky to return in 2013 after a couple tough losses and even worse reactions to those loses.  Shanahan has been able to silent that talk with division wins over Philadelphia and Dallas and barring an unexpected collapse should be back.  I think the possibility of a Shanahan not returning next season now has to shift to Kyle.

With a high amount of NFL coaching turnover expected Kyle has to be in play for head coaching jobs come the offseason.  If will be interesting to see what happens here for Kyle and also the Redskins.  Would he be willing to leave Washington and lose the possibility of being the future head coach here?  Not many have turned down a chance to be a NFL head coach, but this may be one scenario where he wouldn’t want to chance leaving a situation working with Robert Griffin III to go to a Carolina or Cleveland.  Would Dan Snyder pull a coach in waiting type situation here?  The Kyle Shanahan situation could be more interesting over the next season as well if Mack Brown retires or is forced out at Texas at some point.  You would have to think Texas would consider Kyle to come back there if they had an opening.  This is a real tricky situation where you have to weigh your father’s future versus the opportunity to be a NFL head coach.  Kyle Shanahan leaving would be a big change for the Redskins organization.

Ten days ago I would have been open to the discussion of a regime change but then thought about it.  I am not thrilled with Mike Shanahan the personnel guy but if he was let go what would happen?  Bruce Allen would then have more say?  Which could mean the return of Dan Snyder the fantasy GM much like the Vinny days.  So lets hope Big Tan Mike can steer this team into the playoffs.

Although he has been even better than anticipated all season, Robert Griffin III has had a remarkable two week run since the Carolina loss.  Two weeks, 8 touchdown passes, 9 incompletions.  A stat line that is remarkable.  Griffin gives a team with a bad defense and average offensive talent a chance to win every week.  He has also limited the hits since the early season worries, which everyone can appreciate.

Griffin by the numbers should be considered a MVP candidate and the only thing holding him back is that he is on a 5-6 team.  But where would that team be without him?  0-11?  1-10?  2-9 maybe?  If the Skins can make a playoff run that RG3 has to be considered not only for rookie of the year but MVP as well.



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